Highest Quality Early Boxing Sets in Existence up for Sale

They’ve taken a long time to build but now they’re about to find new homes.

Some of the highest quality early boxing sets in existence are up for sale in the current Lelands auction catalog. Three old down the number one spot on the SGC Set Registry and aren’t likely to be surpassed considering the small number of high-grade cards known to exist.   

Fighters featured in the sets include Jack Johnson, Jim Jeffries, notorious Black Sox figure Abe Atell, Jack Dempsey and Jim Corbett.

The sets being offered include:

  • All-Time Greatest 1910 T218 Champions Complete Graded Set – #1 on PSA Registry (8.02 GPA)
  • Rare 1910 Miner’s Extra T219 Boxing Card Complete Set – #1 on SGC Registry
  • 1910 Honest Long Cut T219 Complete Set (SGC)
  • 1910 T225 Prize Fighter Series 101 Complete Graded Set (25) #1 SGC Registry
  • 1910 T225 Prize Fighters Series 102 Complete Graded Set (25) #1 SGC Registry
  • 1923 V137 Willard Chocolates Boxers Complete Set (56) 

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