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1930s-60s Miss America Pageant Clothing Worn by Miss America's (16)

1930s-60s Miss America Pageant Clothing Worn by Miss America's (16)

Drop dead fashion for the times, this clothing was all worn by past Miss America contestants and/or winners in the pageants. These are all from the collection of Ric Ferentz the ultimate Miss America historian. Great designer-type things here includes a faux fur coat, suit dress with original costume jewelry faux diamonds and other very interesting pieces. Interestingly, some is potentially home made as these were not rich girls and to compete they and their families (moms) made their own clothing. Unfortunately, we cannot tell what was worn by which contestants as they were unmarked by Ric Ferentz who is no longer with us. However, some of the other pieces in this sale and which contestants he bought them from is a clue into their owners. All is interesting as vintage clothing but underneath there is a lot more to this. Get out the old films folks and start looking for this stuff.

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