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Mary Astor and Franklyn Thorpe Scandal Collection (27)

Mary Astor and Franklyn Thorpe Scandal Collection (27)

Another of those scandals which periodically afford U. S. film followers an intimate glimpse of high & low life in Hollywood. While the cinema colony shamefully hung its tail between its legs, while circulation managers of the tabloid Press howled with delight, Mary Astor and Dr. Franklyn Thorpe battled for the custody of their 4-year-old daughter in a mud-slinging contest in which the purpose of each was to make the other appear grossly immoral. Offered is a collection of photos taken during those proceedings, including a photo of snapshots submitted into evidence which prove Thorpe had been previously married (a claim he denied), photos of the couple, alone and with Marylyn, and much, much more. Most are affixed with their original copy and have International News Photo press stampings, some with editor's markings and original press clippings. Range in size from 5x7" to 8x10", overall EX+.

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