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Quadrophenia-era Keith Moon "The Who" Drums

Quadrophenia-era Keith Moon "The Who" Drums

Important assemblage of percussion pieces used by Keith Moon of The Who. These came directly from the well-respected Keith Moon drum tech and The Who road manager ,Bill Harrison. We have done little research on these but we believe they were used during the Quadrophenia Tour circa 1973-74. The bronze timbales were recognized by a famous rock photographer whom we met in person and he immediately recognized them as having been used on the tour. According to him, they are shown in a current Who DVD of the 1974 Quadropehnia Tour. They are also identical to ones that were used at Ramport Studios on Thessaly Road in South London, which was owned by the band's own label Track Records. The lot includes Keith Moon’s own Premier timbale drums in original bronze finish (gorgeous!) with their original heads. Also included is a large 20" high-end Paiste crash cymbal, and two 14.5" original drum heads. Also, the very drum stool that Keith Moon sat on while flailing away madly at his impressive kit while playing such rock deities as The Punk Meets the Godfather and 5:15. Quadrophenia is one of the finest ever and of course stands alongside Tommy and Who's Next as their most lasting works. All of the pieces were heavily used by one of the greatest rock drummers who ever lived yet retain a beautiful look and condition. For those looking for a worthy project, vintage drums and hardware (and a potentially mind blowing "The Who" painted bass drum) could be added. It would turn this into an amazing Keith Moon drum kit and a museum display worthy of a rock god. LOA included.

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