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James Corbett Photograph Collection (9)
1910 Johnson vs. Jeffries Fight Photograph Collection (26)
1920's-80's Boxing Program Collection (13)
1920's Former Boxing Champions Signed Photograph with Jack Johnson (11x14")
Vintage Boxing Bouts 16mm Film Collection
Exceptional Vintage Boxing Photograph and Ephemera Signed Collection
Great Boxing Paper
Boxing Photograph Collection
Boxing Ephemera Collection
Vintage Boxing Exhibit Card and Postcard Collection (approx. 250)
1890's Honest Long Cut John L. Sullivan Card
1904 Jeffries vs. Munroe Full Ticket
1921 Dempsey vs. Carpentier Full Ticket
1924 Harry Greb Signed Hotel Registry (18x22" framed)
1880's Boxing Cabinet Card Collection (15)
1900's-40's Boxing Postcard Collection (20)
1928 James Corbett Signed Photograph (7x9")
1909 John L. Sullivan Signed Cabinet Photograph (9x11")
Circa 1908 Burns vs. Johnson Boxing Magazine
1911 Jack Johnson Signed Page (6x8")
Nineteenth Century Boxing Book Collection (2)
1880's Allen & Ginter Card Album