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Ty Cobb and Red Grange 1940's Coca Cola "Festoons"
1950's Leo Durocher Chesterfield Advertising Sign (26x28" framed)
Great Baseball Advertising Pieces (4)
1874 Yale vs. Columbia Football Program
Circa 1877 Harvard Baseball Scorecard and Season Tickets with Thayer & Tyng
1898, 1911, 1921 Yale vs. Princeton Football-Shaped Programs
1899-1910 Harvard/Princeton vs. Yale Baseball Program Collection (9)
1903-1960s Yale vs. Princeton Football Rivalry Program Collection (40+)
1937-69 Cornell vs. Yale Football Program Near-Complete Run (29/33)
1916-1950s Harvard Football Program Collection (45+)
1906-60s Army vs. Navy Football Rivalry Program Collection (35+)
1930-69 Stanford vs. Cal "Big Game" Program Near-Complete Run (37/40)
1939-69 Brown vs. Yale Football Program Near Complete Run (28/31)
1954-1959 Jim Brown & Ernie Davis Syracuse Program Collection (15+)
1895-1960s Princeton vs. Cornell Football Program Collection (55+)
1926-69 Dartmouth vs. Yale Football Program Near-Complete Run (35/44)
1919-1960s Cornell vs. Harvard, Brown, Colgate Football Program Collection (50+)
1930s-60s Yale Football Program Collection with ALL Ivy League Schools (80+)
1904-60s Cornell vs. Columbia Football Program Collection (40)
1920s-50s Army Football Program Collection with Vince Lombardi (55+)
1904 Army vs. Navy Foot Ball Game Program and Ticket
1920s-60s Stanford Cardinal Football Program Collection (150+)
1894-1960s College Football Program Collection (15+)
1930s-50s College Football Bowl Game Program Collection (6)
1896-1924 Harvard, Cornell & Brown College Football Programs and Tickets (7)