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Lee Harvey Oswald Original Mug Shot
Jack Ruby Shoots Lee Harvey Oswald
Young JFK in Adlai Stevenson Motorcade
Crowds Watch And Listen About JFK Assassination
Nancy Davis "Reagan" Collection
Teddy Roosevelt 1914 Trip to Brazil (31)
Warren G. Harding Enters Home for the Final Time (1923)
Thousands Pay Homage to Harding (1923)
KKK President Harding at Confederates War Memorial (1922)
President Warren G. Harding Inaugural Parade (1923)
President Harding Fights for his Life (1923)
Anything But Hoover (1928)
Californians Arrive at 1928 Republic National Convention
Teddy Roosevelt by Brown Brothers
The Original 1902 Steiff Teddy Bear by Sam Goldstein
Teddy Roosevelt in Africa by Brown Brothers (1910)
Teddy Roosevelt in Africa by Kermit Roosevelt (1909)
Teddy Roosevelt by Harris & Ewing (1906)
FDR's Body Lies in State (1945)
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1924)
FDR, Churchill and DeGaulle (1943)
JFK and Ike (1960)
The JFK Assassination (1963)
Reaction to the JFK Assassination (1963)
The Cuban Missile Crisis
John Glenn and LBJ (1962)
Three Presidents (1961)
Inauguration Cover Artist Wins $100 (1933)
FDR Sworn IN (1933)
1924 Democratic National Convention in New York City
1928 Democratic National Convention in Houston (2)
1936 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia
Repeal Prohibition (1932)
1912 Democratic National Convention in Baltimore
A Pivotal Moment in the Life of FDR (1928)
Roosevelt Fireside Chat (1938)
President Franklin D. Roosevelt & First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt (1937)
JFK as Senator (1958)
JFK and Nixon 1960 Presidential Debate
Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft by Paul Thompson (circa 1910)
Teddy Roosevelt Addresses the Bull Moose Party Convention (1912)
The Oswald Family File (34)
Abraham Lincoln Rock Formation (1926)
Outstanding JFK File (7 photos)
JFK Grave & Memorials (14 photos)
The Duke of Windsor Collection (43 photos)
JFK’s Assassination in Four Images (2 photos)
Warren Commission Assassination Photos (12 images)
JFK and Jackie in the Limo
Huge and Important Archive of Franklin Delano Roosevelt Photographs (650 images)
Huge and Important Archive of Lyndon Baines Johnson Photographs (300+ images)
First Lady Mamie Eisenhower Collection (300+ photos)
Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon Collection (53 photos)
Eisenhower’s Heart Attack (35 photos)
President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Funeral (41 photos)
Ike’s Presidential Campaign (27 photos)
The San Francisco Trips of Dwight Eisenhower (16 photos)
Massive President Dwight D. Eisenhower Collection (500+ photos)
The Fiorello LaGuardia Collection (100+ photos)
1964 Democratic National Convention File (27 photos)
1968 Democratic National Convention File (60 photos)
The 1972 Democratic National Convention File (50+ photos)
Democratic National Conventions 1948-1992 (230+ images)
Republican National Conventions 1932-1992 (250+ images)
LBJ and the JFK Assassination (6 photos)
LBJ & RFK (7 photos)
Important LBJ Photographs (53 images)
LBJ Baseball (5 photos)
LBJ and Vietnam (32 photos)
LBJ and His Dogs (85 photos)
Franklin & Eleanor (9 photos)
Fantastic Images of FDR (34 photos)
The Duke of Windsor Collection (53 photos)
Fabulous Collection of FDR Photos (60+ images)
JFK Memorials Across the World (38 photos)
The JFK Grave Photos and Rare Arlington Cemetery “Research Report”
The City of Havana (44 photos)
John F. Kennedy Portraits (10 photos)
JFK Jr. Salutes his Father (1963)
JFK as Young Footballer
JFK as Commander in the Pacific
Camelot (1962)
Grave of JFK (8 photos)
John F. Kennedy Famed PT-109 Photo
John F. Kennedy "Ask Not" Speech (1961)
JFK “Ask Not” Collection (8 photos)
SF Examiner Prints of the JFK Assassination (4 photos)
The Kennedy Klan (1960)
Kennedy Assassination Photo (1963)
Large Collection of JFK Vintage Photographs (39 images)
Camelot: The JFK and Jackie Kennedy Collection (8 photos)
RFK and Jackie Kennedy Take JFK’s Body Home
JFK & Nixon Television Debates (9 photos)
Massive Dwight Eisenhower Collection (130+ images)
Kay Summersby’s Gift from Ike (1947)
JFK Assassination Panoramas (4 photos)
The Queen Elizabeth Archive (700+ photos)
The Herbert Hoover Collection (17 photos)
Presidential Wire Photos (31 photos)
The Jack Ruby Trial (6 photos)
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