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Boxing Book Collection with Many Signed
Joe Louis Vintage Signed Photograph
Large Collection of Boxing Artwork
Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney Signed Gloves and Artwork
Heavyweight Champions Signed Glove
Sugar Ray Robinson Signed Glove
Joe Louis Original Artwork Signed by Boxing Champions
Collection of Boxing Posters, Broadsides and Prints
Vintage Boxing Newspapers and Supplements
Boxing Cards and Postcards Collection
Vintage Boxing Ticket Collection
Vintage Boxing Store-bought Glove Collection
Muhammad Ali Collection with Programs and X-Ray (7 items)
Jewish Fighters Signed Photos (4)
Extensive Boxing Program Collection
Vintage Fighters Autograph Collection
Jake Kilrain Boxing Silk
Extensive Boxing Autograph Collection
Boxing Photograph Collection
Rare 1919 Willard - Dempsey Pre-Fight Poster
Jack Dempsey Plaster Fist
Rare 1938 Louis vs Schmeling Autographed Souvenir
James Braddock Used Gloves Presented to J. Edgar Hoover
Randy Turpin Fight Worn Autographed Gloves
Sonny Liston Gloves Worn in Training
Freddie Mills Autographed Fight Worn Gloves From Woodcock Match
Jack Dempsey Autographed Glove
Floyd Patterson vs Cassius Clay Fight Worn Robe
Johansson vs Patterson Fight Poster
1915 Jack Johnson vs. Jess Willard Cuban Broadside
James J. Jeffries Autographed Photo
Boxing Participants Autograph Collection (4)
Tommy Burns Autographed Photo
Rocky Marciano & Joe Walcott Collection (6)
Jim Braddock & Joe Louis Collection (11)
James Jeffries & Jack Johnson Collection (23)
Carnera vs Baer and Sharkey Collection (12)
Max Baer vs. James Braddock Collection (7)
Jack Johnson & Tommy Burns Collection (5)
1892 John L. Sullivan vs. James J. Corbett Collection (3)
Jack Johnson Autographed Photo
Cassius Clay & Sonny Liston Collection (4)
1956 Floyd Patterson Fight Worn Championship Gloves
1898 Corbett vs Fitzsimmons Movie Poster
Large Collection of Joe Louis & Max Schmeling Items
Huge Jack Dempsey & Gene Tunney Collection (20)
Jess Willard vs. Jack Dempsey Collection (9)
Tommy Burns - Jack Johnson Program & Ribbon (2)
Jack Sharkey vs. Max Schmelling Collection (11)
Black Boxers Collection (15)
Joe Walcott & Ezzard Charles Collection (4)
Boxing Sheet Music (5)
Jeffries vs. Johnson Ticket and Ribbon (2)
Marciano vs. Walcott (1) Full Ticket
Dempsey vs. Tunney 1&2 Full Tickets (2)
Sam Langford Collection (4)
Dempsey vs. Tunney Program Collection (3)
Dempsey & Willard Autograph Collection (4)
Louis - Schmeling Autograph Collection (13)
Dempsey - Tunney Autograph Collection (5)
Braddock - Baer - Sharkey Autograph Collection (5)
Joe Louis Collection (9)
Floyd Patterson Collection (11)
1910 Johnson vs. Jeffries Pennant
Boxing Pennant Collection (3)
Large Boxing Fight Film Poster Collection (11)
Boxing Art Collection (6)
Sam Langford Signed Photo
Johnson & Ketchel Photo Collection
Louis-Schmeling Program Collection
Jersey Joe Walcott-Ezzard Charles Full Ticket (1949)
Gene Tunney Plaster Fist
Hart-Root Full Ticket
James J. Corbett & William Brady Signed Photos
Jack Root & Joe Choynski Signed Displays
Schmeling-Sharkey Full Ticket (1932)
Dixon-Skelly & Myer-McAuliffe Full Tickets (1892) & Corbett-Sullivan Souvenir Coin
John L. Sullivan Signed Photo
Jeffries-Fitzsimmons Full Ticket (1899)
John L. Sullivan & James J. Corbett Collection
Corbett-Fitzsimmons Collection
Robert Fitzsimmons Collection
Early Heavyweights Collection