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Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig

Babe Ruth at his Wife’s Funeral
Lou Gehrig, Tris Speaker and Walter Johnson with the Signal Corps (1927)
Babe Ruth Presents Bats and Balls (1928)
1936 Yankees World Series Infield
The Yankees Inner Works with Gehrig, Crossetti, Rolfe and Lazzeri
Babe Ruth and Hack Wilson at the 1929 World Series
1927 World Series with Two Impressive Pairs
Three Kings (1941)
Babe Ruth "You're Making A Baby Of Me"
Babe Ruth Takes A New Stance
Babe Ruth Clouts Home Run
King Of Swat And Mrs. Ruth Operated On At The Same Time
The Home Run King Practices Bunting
The Babe Dons Braves' Uniform For First Time
The Bambino Makes A Benevolent Santa
Babe Ruth's Farewell To Baseball by Nat Fein
Babe Ruth And Lou Gehrig (1927)
The Babe Cuts A Melon
Babe Ruth Opening Game 1935
The Banished Babe & His Family
Babe Ruth Signs $70,000 Contract
Lou Gehrig and 1934 NY Rangers Photo
Lou Gehrig and Travis Jackson in 1936 World Series
Babe Ruth’s First Game Against the Yankees for the Boston Braves
1937 NY Yankees with Gehrig and DiMaggio
Jess Willard and Babe Ruth (1923)
Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Waite Hoyt Support Al Smith (1928)
Babe Ruth Makes the Big Dough (1927)
Lou Gehrig Becomes Stock Broker (1929)
The Babe Ruth All America Baseball Team (1932)
1932 New York Yankees Infield
Lou Gehrig on the Radio (1937)
Mightiest Lineup Raises $800,000 (1943)
Babe Ruth Definitive Image
The King and Two Princes (1928)
The Man Who Sold Babe Ruth (1922)
Mini Panorama of Murderer’s Row (1938)
“Siege Guns” of the American League (1929)
First World Series Game at Yankee Stadium (1923)
Opening Game of the 1928 World Series
Army-Notre Dame (1929)
First Photo of Yankee Stadium (1923)
Yankee Stadium: The Pause That Refreshes (1937)
Yankee Stadium: Through the Facade (1930)
The World’s Great Golf Match (1941)
Ruth and The Kid (1922)
Fishing Buddies (1932)
1925 Babe Ruth as Policeman Photo
Babe Ruth Oversized Photographs (8)
The Babe Bows Out by Nat Fein (1948)
Dinner of Champions (1928)
Babe Ruth's 1929 All American Team
The Finest Lou Gehrig Photograph You May Ever See (1939)
Its All Right Lou (1939)
Leading Home Run Swatter (1929)
Opening Day and the Mother In Law (1929)
I Had A Better Year Than He Did (1933)
Japan Explodes for Babe Ruth and the 1934 Tour
Babe's Final Hurrah (1935)
His Final Yankee Spring Training (1934)
The Grip (1928)
Babe Ruth CBS Promotional Still (1933)
Babe Ruth (1927)
Babe Ruth Home Run Special (1931)
Ruth and Ruppert Fight it Out
What A Crowd!
Babe and Lou Friends.....NOT! (1931)
Babe Ruth's First Opening Day (1936)
The King and His Crown (1921)
Babe Ruth Busses (1927)
Babe Comes Home (1927)
Lou Gehrig and the 1931 Tour of Japan
Babe and Family Await the World Series (1926)
Babe Ruth Signs His Bat
Babe Ruth and the 1934 Tour of Japan
Special 1927 World Series Quartette
Gehrig and Cochrane (1936)
Babe Ruth Hits the Longest Drive in Baseball History (1921)
The 1938 Yankees
Let's Hit Two (1932)
1932 New York Yankees
1920's Babe Ruth Oversized Photo
BABE RUTH (1895-1948) : Studio Photograph, 1930s
THE OUTFIELD : Murderer’s Row, late 1920s
MURDERER'S ROW : New York Yankees, 1931
BABE RUTH (1895-1948) : Oversized Photograph, circa 1920
BABE RUTH (1895-1948) : Exceptional photograph, 1932
BABE RUTH (1895-1948) : 50th Home Run
LOU GEHRIG (1903-1941) : Spring Training, 1939
LOU GEHRIG DAY : 1927 New York Yankees Reunion, 1939
BABE RUTH (1895-1948) : Star Outfielders, 1932
LOU GEHRIG (1903-1941) : Guarding the Line, 1935
BABE RUTH (1895-1948)
Ruth in Baltimore, 1918
LOU GEHRIG (1903-1941)
Larrupin’ Lou, 1928
LOU GEHRIG & GEORGE M. COHAN 1, 900 Presentation, 1937
THE BABE BOWS OUT BY NAT FEIN Pulitzer Prize, 1948
BABE RUTH (1895-1948)
Chance Meeting, 1924
LOU GEHRIG (1903-1941)
Historic Feat, 1932
LOU GEHRIG (1903-1941)
Three HOFers, 1939
LOU GEHRIG (1903-1941)
Changing of the Guard, 1939
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