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1937 Joe Louis vs. Jim Braddock I Full Ticket
1936 Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling I Full Ticket
1903 James J. Corbett vs. James J. Jeffries Full Ticket
1915 Jack Johnson vs. Jess Willard Full Ticket
1905 Marvin Hart vs. Jack Root Full Ticket
1916 Jess Willard vs. Frank Moran Full Ticket
1932 Max Schmeling vs. Jack Sharkey Full Ticket
1967 Muhammad Ali vs. Zora Foley Full Ticket
1963 Cassius Clay vs. Doug Jones Full Ticket
1951 Joe Louis vs. Rocky Marciano Full Ticket
1923 Jack Dempsey vs. Luis Firpo Full Ticket
1927 Jack Dempsey vs. Gene Tunney II Full Ticket
1910 Jack Johnson vs. James Jeffries Full Ticket
1910 Jack Johnson vs. Jim Flynn Full Ticket
1915 Sam Langford vs. Sam McVea Full Ticket
Ike Williams vs. Beau Jack and Bob Montgomery Full Tickets (2)
Joe Louis vs. Joe Walcott I and II Full Tickets (2)
Joe Louis vs. Billy Conn Full Ticket Collection (4)
Joe Louis Full Ticket Collection of 4
Joe Louis Full Ticket Collection of 6
Joe Louis Full Ticket Collection of 8
Rocky Marciano Full Ticket Collection of 7
Jake LaMotta Full Ticket Collection of 3
Henry Armstrong Full Ticket Collection of 7
Muhammad Ali Full Ticket and Pass Collection (13 total)
Rocky Graziano vs. Tony Zale Full Tickets (2)
Jack Dempsey Full Ticket Collection of 3
Sugar Ray Robinson Full Ticket Collection of 7
Mike Tyson Ticket Collection of 9
1986 Mike Tyson vs. Trevor Berbick Full Ticket and Pass (2)
Mike Tyson Ticket Collection of 12
1920's-40's Boxing Full Ticket Collection of 19
1970's-90's Boxing Tickets and Passes Collection of 77
Mike Tyson Ticket and Pass Collection of 23
1986 Jim Jacobs Boxing Manager of the Year Award and Cus D'Amato Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Medal (2)
Large Collection of The Ring Magazines Including Early Issues (124)
Vintage Boxing Souvenir Collection
Mike Tyson Program Collection of 13
Heavyweight Boxing Program Collection of 6
Large Boxing Program Collection (66)
1897 James J. Corbett vs. Robert Fitzsimmons Program
1964 Cassius Clay vs. Sonny Liston I Program
1956 Archie Moore vs. Floyd Patterson Program
Jack Johnson Signed Confession Letter
Mike Tyson's Marriage License and Certificate (2)
Joe Louis Tax Collection Including His Return and Signed Letter to the IRS
Muhammad Ali A.K.A. Cassius Clay Signed Contract
1964 Rocky Marciano Signed Contract
1896 John L. Sullivan Signature Framed with Photo
Amazing 1900 Boxing Signatures Including Gans, Fitzsimmons, Dixon & More
Cus D'Amato Boxing License with Photos and Signatures (4 items)
Large 19th Century Photograph of Robert Fitzsimmons
1930's Jack Dempsey Circus Poster
Large Collection of Dixie Kid Photographs (42)
Superb Collection of Jack Johnson Photographs (4)
1882 John L. Sullivan Mounted Photgraph
James J. Jeffries Photo Collection (3 photos)
Heavyweight Boxing Photo Collection with Marvin Hart (12 total)
Antique Boxing Photo Collection with Gans, Ketchel & More (17 total)
Boxing Poster Collection of 39
Large 1950 Joe Louis Oil Painting by Wilson
1906 Theodore Roosevelt Signed Letter & Original Photo Regarding The Olympics
1974 Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman Serigraph by LeRoy Neiman
Complete Run of "The Ring Magazine" Bound Volumes (1922-87)
"The White Hope" Original Lithogaph by Bellows Signed by Jack Johnson, James Jeffries and George Bellows
Bound Volumes (5) of The Ring Magazine Including The First Three Years
Unused Joe Louis Fight Tickets (3)
Boxing Ticket Collection of 31 Including Mike Tyson
Cus D'Amato and Jimmy Jacobs Collection (17)
Great Early Mike Tyson Signed Photos (2)
Mike Tyson Photograph Collection (6)
"The Mirror of Life" and Boxing World Bound Volumes and Loose Issues
Large Collection of Boxing Books and Magazines
Significant Collection of Boxing Memorabilia (Photos, Tapes, and Records)
Collection of Bound and Loose Copies of "Boxing Magazine" (1913-24)
Comic Book Collection (30)