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Mickey Mantle Portrait by Ralph Morse (1917- )
Mickey Mantle's Batting Grip by Ralph Morse (1917- )
Willie Mays by Alfred Eisenstaedt (1898 - 1995)
Willie Mays Batting by Alfred Eisenstaedt (1898 - 1995)
Rocky Marciano Punches by Al Fenn
Stan Musial Retires by R.W. Kelly
Bobby Fischer by Carl Mydans (1907 - 2004)
Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell by George Silk (1916 - 2004)
Hank Aaron Batting by George Silk (1916 - 2004)
Willie Mays at the Opening of Candelstick Park by Jon Brenneis
Joe Louis Sells His Punch by Joe Scherschel
Joe Louis by Joe Scherschel
Sam Snead at the Masters by Mark Kauffman
Muhammad Ali Portrait by John Shearer
Muhammad Ali Looks in the Mirror by John Shearer
Joe DiMaggio by Carl Mydans (1907 - 2004)
Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio by Carl Mydans (1907 - 2004)
Vince Lombardi by Leonard McCombe
Stan Musial Batting by Francis Miller
Satchel Paige of the Cleveland Indians by George Silk (1916 - 2004)
Satchel Paige of the New York Black Yankees by George Strock
Satchel Paige and Black Yankee Friends by George Strock
Satchel Paige and Wife by George Strock
Willie Mays Checks His Swing by George Silk (1916 - 2004)
Joe Louis Gets Knocked Down by Gjon Mili (1904 - 1984)
Satchel Paige by George Silk
Gary Cooper by Eliot Elisofon
Joe DiMaggio by Carl Mydans
Muhammad Ali by John Shearer