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19th Century

1889 "The Baseball Player" Bronze by Douglas Tilden
1889 World Series Brooklyn Bridegrooms Championship Dinner Program
1869 Baltimore Baseball Letter with Accompanying Ambrotype (Mrs. Virginia Wright)
19th Century "Sheb'n Boys" Identified Baseball Tintype
1892 "Olympia" Baseball Cabinet & CdV Victorian Photograph Album
1841 Base Ball Chap Book in Investment Grade Condition
19th Century Outdoor Baseball Scene Tintype
1840s Baseball Chap Books (2)
1860s Civil War-Related Base Ball Letter
1870s Yale versus Harvard Base Ball Pair of Albumen Prints
Important Find of Dated 1900 Baseball Broadsides (66)
19th Century Middletown Tie-Front Baseball Uniform
1896 Horace Partridge Base Ball Uniform Ordering Form & Letter
1860s-70s Baseball Carte-de-Visites (4)
1905 Captain A.C. Anson for City Clerk Political Poster
1906 Old Boston Boys and The Games They Played Rare Numbered Edition (#125/250)
1877 Syracuse Stars Season Pass
1850s "Champion Nine" (?) Baseball Daguerreotype
1888 (How To Become A Player) Base-Ball by John Montgomery Ward
Honus Wagner Original Painting By R. Tallon 1981
1890 Young Active B.B.C. Silk
Mission Oak Baseball Chair in Rare Original Paint
Remarkable 1860s Baseball Stereo Card
1880s Boston Baseball Oversized Cabinet Card
19th Century Baseball Stitching Machines and More
1880s Baseball Tintype in Case
1890s Baseball Tintype
Earliest Known Chinese Baseball Photograph - Later U.S. Ambassador
Circa 1890 Mounted Baseball Photo with Mascot
Unusual 1870s Baseball Double Tintypes in Gutta Percha Frame
Two Early Baseball Pencil Boxes
1860s "Baseball Day" by Anthony Special Handcolored Baseball Stereocard
Spalding No. 000 Wagon Tongue Ring Bat
1870s Bay State Dollar Store Baseball Carte-de-Visite
The First President Of the Cincinnati Red Stockings Albert Goshorn Signed Book
1870s Yale Baseball Team Albumen Photograph
1900 Webless Baseball Glove
Three Salesman Sample Baseballs
19th Century Baseball Pencil Box
1887 Four Strikes and Five Balls Celluloid Umpire Indicator in Original Box
1910s Roger Bresnahan "Teddy Bear" Pennant (Ex-Bresnahan Estate)
Magnificent 1870s Full Color Baseball Carte-de-Visite
1880 Hobart Van Alstyne Identified Professional Baseball Player Carte-de-Visite
1880s High Grade Cincinnati Reds Goldsmith Score Cards (2)
1860s Lemon Peel Leather Baseball
1889 Spalding Base Ball World Tour Dinner Menu
Roger Bresnahan Baseball Occupational Shaving Mug
1850s Baseball Award of Merit
1889 N526 James A. Hart Boston Base Ball Club Card
1877 "The Hamptons" Base Ball Letter - Game Cancelled On Account of "Young Lady"
1890s Baltimore Orioles Lapel Stickpin
1901 Personalized Roger Bresnahan Silver Whiskey "Christmas" Flask (ex-Bresnahan Estate)
High Grade 1898 Bid McPhee Cameo Pepsin Gum Pin
1886 Star Base Ball Club Presentational Walking Stick with Gold Handle
19th Century Catcher's Mask with Beaded Welds
1902 Roger Bresnahan Sterling "Birthday" Brush
Brother Jasper 1886 Manhattan College Photograph - Invented The Seventh Inning Stretch
1867 "ULYSSES" Base Ball Club Honorary Membership & Resolution Named for Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant (3)
19th Century Ornamental Baseball Bell
19th Century and Early 20th Baseball Programs (4)
19th & Early 20th Century Baseball Tickets (3)
Earliest Known Chinese Baseball Photograph - Later U.S. Ambassador
19th Century Figural Napkin Ring Set of 3: Baseball, Football, Golf
1907 World Series Bennett Park Pair of Mounted Albumen Photos
1880s Ring Bat With Tiger Striped Handle
George Wright Multi-Signed Document
1859 Alexander Cartwright Sterling Silver Presentaion Fireman's Horn
1880s Peck & Snyder Trade Cards (9)
1909 Cap Anson Noisemaker
1880 Providence Supplement
Rube Waddell & Harry Davis Baseball Game in Original Box
19th Century Baseball Meerschaum Cigar Holder
1860 Lincoln Park Grounds Season Pass
19th Century Baseball Master Salt
19th Century Handpainted Glass Baseball Stein
1887-1888 Bound Volume of "The Sporting Life" (ex-National Baseball Hall of Fame)
1880s High Grade Cincinnati Reds Goldsmith Score Cards (2)
1900 Upstate New York Base Ball Poster
1910 Major League Managers Baseball Scorecard Fan
19th Century Baseball Cane & Others (4)
1870s Baseball Statue Carte-de-Visite (CDV)
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