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1800s-1900s Massive Tennis Racquet Collection (65)

1800s-1900s Massive Tennis Racquet Collection (65)

Incredible assemblage of material took years to put together. There is some important early material here and most is very early dating from the 1920s back to the 19th century. They are average around 1910. Includes: rare 1874 square headed tennis racquet by Wrinch and Sons, 1870 Lopsided Lawn Tennis racquet by Henry Malings and Frances Woolwich (English), super example of an early lawn tennis racquet from the mid-1870s with distressed strings (tilted head, original coarse gut strings, walnut convex wedge, and round walnut handle), early racquet manufactured by F.H. Ayres from the mid-1870s in fine condition (rounded head, original strings, convex wedge, and circular handle), beautiful lopsided racquet by Bury and stamped “G. Sparke” wit original leather handle band, <i>Champion</i> racquet by Bussey for Isaac Walton circa 1880 London (two-tone strings, convex wedge and unusual barrel handle), 1880s racquet by Thomas Tate (two-tone strings, convex wedge with crown transfer and octagonal handle and defective strings), circa 1880 racquet by H.J. Gray of Cambridge is similar in design to the previous Thomas Tate (later strings, wedge chipped), early French flattop racquet circa 1880 (continental shoulder shape, convex wedge and smooth circular handle in original canvas bag), 1890s French <i>Sovereign</i> racquet (double main strings, convex wedge, and octagonal handle with original bag), 1905 Spalding Slocum, Victor flattop reading “HB Comet No. 334 (convex wedge, strings intact), Winchester driver with convex wedge, British Saxon with fishtail handle and concave wedge (strings intact), Wright & Ditson early metal frame with wooden handle, (two flat top racquets with “Horsman Maker" and “XX” on handle, Wright & Ditson flat top, Wright & Ditson Gold Star, Big Bill Tilden Jr. <i>Championship</i>, Wright & Ditson Davis Cup, Perfection by Pennant 1906, two 1923 Flyer’s by Dayton are the first metal racquets with wire strings, <i>Special</i> by Edw. K. Tryon Co., 1908 Harry C. Lee, early wood fishtail, 1915 Halley Steamline, Wilson Vogue with Venus barrel handle, many other early 1900s racquets, significant rarities, presses, bags and much more. There is even a 1930s Spalding six racquet press in beautiful condition! Overall very good to excellent. Total of 65 racquets and many other related pieces. An impressive collection that would take eons to duplicate if you could at all.

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