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"1919 World Series Restitution" Letter to Joe Jackson from His Attorney

"1919 World Series Restitution" Letter to Joe Jackson from His Attorney

<p>Letter to Joe Jackson from his attorney, Raymond Cannon, on October 10, 1922 regarding Joe not getting paid his second place money following the 1919 World Series. Cannon mentions "I directed a letter to you at the New York address given by you in your last letter advising you that Mr. Landis declined to pay second place money, not withstanding the fact that B. Johnson had ordered it paid immediately. It will be necessary for us now to institute proceedings against Mr. Landis to compel him to pay the money which is now in his possession". Cannon also mentions the 1919 World Series in the proceeding paragraph: "Comiskey served notice on me the other day that he desired to examine Bill Burns at Chicago so I appeared in Chicago and cross-examined Burns concerning his connection with the 1919 World Series."Jackson believed that, due to his illiteracy, he was taken advantage of by Harry Grabiner by signing a contract with a reserve clause. However in the letter, Cannon references that Jackson was told that the clause was stricken from his contract: "I understood you to say in your previous letter that you objected to the ten day clause and that Mr. Grabner told you he would strike it out as soon as he arrived in Chicago and that both he and Comiskey told you later that they had stricken the ten day clause from your contract."Comes with Type I photo of Joe Jackson in court on the witness stand with a copy of the back detailing the photo. LOA accompanies the photo. Joe Jackson originally won the case and was awarded $16,000 but the judge threw out the verdict and charged Jackson with perjury due to Jackson's deposition regarding his involvement in the 1919 World Series. Jackson and Comiskey then agreed on an undisclosed amount. Framed to 16x32" overall.</p><p><span style="font-family: 'Times New Roman'; font-size: medium;">2019 marks the 100th Anniversary of the most infamous scandal in sports history. The 1919 World Series was the scene of the crime, the culprits were eight members of the Chicago &ldquo;Black Sox&rdquo; and the crime was game fixing. Shoeless Joe Jackson and seven other members of the &ldquo;Black Sox&rdquo; were subsequently banned from baseball three years later and that ban still stands to this day. On this Anniversary, Lelands is privileged to offer a comprehensive collection of memorabilia related to the 1919 World Series teams including a Joe Jackson PSA certified signed document, 1919 World Series tickets, 1919 White Sox season pass, Type I photos, handwritten letters, autographs and much more. Lelands has devoted an entire category in the 2019 Fall Classic to this collection, so go check out &ldquo;The Black Sox 100th Anniversary Collection&rdquo; today!</span></p>

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