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1936 Olympic Torch

1936 Olympic Torch

Few symbols of sports can reflect the values of good and evil as this extraordinarily rare and profound 1936 Olympic torch that bore a flame as a maniacal dictator who turned the Games into a propaganda exercise was about to turn Europe in to flames. . Reams have been written about the '36 Olympics and Adolf Hitler's show of "Aryan superiority" blunted by an African-American named Jesse Owens. But the torch says more than words with its steel gray bearing, both regal and coldly unyielding, chillingly engraved with "Fackel-Staffel-Lauf, Olympia-Berlin 1936" and European cities soon overrun by The Third Reich such as Belgrade, Budapest and Prague, and the German city of Dresden, which would be leveled by U.S. B-1 bombers. Torch was designed by Carl Diem and made by the Krupp Factory, which would soon be put to work making bombs. Inner ring is 5" in circumference, 10 3/4" high from base to disk-like top that includes the engraved "Komitee fur de Olypiade Berlin 1936." EX condition with no tarnish or soiling. A sad, but important, reminder that sports are sometimes more than merely games.

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