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Amazing Helms Hall Trophy Collection (15)

Amazing Helms Hall Trophy Collection (15)

1) English silver trophy cup (heavy) with elaborate hallmarks stands 7" tall and engraved on base: "To Sir Mark J McTaggart Stewart from Adelaide Watt 1913." Wonderful lion logo on front "Suffibulatus Majores Sequor" which is the Stewart Family crest. MacTaggart-Stewart was a Baronet and a Scottish Tory Member of Parliament in the British House of Commons. 2) 1908 sterling 7" cup with founded "1891" enamel logo of the "A.I.K." (Allmanna Idrottsklubben) Swedish Athletic Club. 800m track & field. 3) "MAC-MTK" silver cup 4.75" engraved "Budapest 1924 VII 22-23." 4) Gorgeous easel plaque in brass, "Athletic Relay & Team Match British Empire v USA London 15th August 1936 High Jump 1st USA 2nd BE C. Johnson." Crossed U.S. and British flags in enamel. 5-7) Three gorgeous Arts & Crafts style sterling on bronze trophy cups from the Los Angeles Athletic Club presented to the Retzer brothers, GW & RB. One is large 9" tall 1919 Round Robin Handball Tournament. Plus, two smaller 1909 cups for wrestling (one smaller handle is missing). 8) Art Deco 1938 Greek Trophy engraved silver cup translates to: "Greek-American Games Epathlon National Education Ministry 1938," 7.5" tall. 9) 1924 Shaker Heights Wrestling team trophy presented to John H. Drummond. Silver plate by Wilcox, 9" tall. 10) 1920 IFK silver trophy cup with enamel logo presented to 1932 Olympian Owen Churchill (unmarked), 6" tall. 11-12) Pair of matching silver 5" and 5.5" cups, one engraved, "In Memory to Mr. Ray from Alliancen Kristiania Tdrcetsforg Tjalve Qrnulf 12th September 1920 Kristiania Norway." 13) K.I.F. 100m 2.75" silver cup 1927. 14-15) 1908 "Berliner International Olympic Sports" silver 4.75" cup engraved and presented to 1908 Olympian James Lightbody. Matching whiskey flask in leather sleeve, top is silver, engraved 1st prize. Both are for 800 meters. NOTE: Many of the Helms pieces were unidentified with their source information having been lost through the years. However, through photo analysis we were able to identify some items to be very important artifacts. Do your own research and you may have some real treasures here.

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