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Graham Chapman / John Cleese Handwritten Notebook

Graham Chapman / John Cleese Handwritten Notebook

Notebook handwritten mostly in Graham Chapman’s hand contains 12 pages filled with neatly handwritten prose, acting as a journal with quotes from various interviews regarding Monty Python. The first page, headlined by “Python - (beginning elsewhere)” opens with a dialogue formatted like an interview (possibly direct quotes from an actual interview). Chapman is answering questions pertaining to concepts used in the BBC production of the Monty Python skits: “[question] - How much do you think the popularity of Monty Python was related to the atmosphere of the late sixties, the Beatles filled anti-authoritarian, sexually permissive, politically restless, artistically expansive, travel-mad, experience-hungry, psychedelic, pop, swinging, beautiful, imaginative mood of that time? [answer] - Yeah I think so.” “You think what?” “I think that’s right.” Other pages give great incite into the theories behind the comedy of Monty Python: “we were thinking of women simply as objects - and as far as any sketches were concerned we mostly played the women ourselves. A female part had to be a really female female if it was going to be played by a female for us. Nobody laughs at beauty.” Notes make mention of various famous people who played an integral part of the Monty Python experience: “the great Peter Sellers”, “the brilliant David Frost”, Ringo Starr, etc. Notebook is EX.

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