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Jim Murray Letter Collection

Steve Allen Signed Letter Collection (3) with Boxing Content
1970s Steve Allen Signed Letter Collection (3) with Praise for Writing Ability
Gerald Ford Signed Letter Thanking Jim Murray for Column on His Son
Lucy & Desi Thank You Telegrams
Bing Crosby & Kathryn Crosby Signed Letters (2) with Personal Praise
Reverend Billy Graham Signed Letter Regarding Column on Evangelism with Original Envelope
Gregory Peck Signed Letter About Rowing to Jim Murray
Charlton Heston Signed Letter Collection (10) with World and Sports Content
Bing Crosby Signed Note Regarding World Football
Arnold Schwartzeneger Signed Thank You Note with Envelope
Bob Hope & Dolores Hope Signed Letters of Praise Collection (3)
Hedda Hopper Signed Note with Forest Lawn Content
William Shatner Signed Letter with Admiration Content
Groucho Marx Signed Letter on Personal Letterhead
Kirk Douglas Signed Note with Pulitzer Prize Content
Bob Hope Signed Note with Holiday Wish Content
Gerald Ford Signed Letter with Gold Tournament Content
Edward Kennedy Signed Note and Christmas Card with Original Envelopes
Paul Newman Signed Note with Polonius Content
Cary Grant Signed Letter with Further Adventures of Black Beauty Content
Lawrence Welk Signed Letter with Boxing Content
Bing Crosby Signed Note- Framed with The Sporting World of Jim Murray Content
Donald O'Connor Signed Note with Clemente Content
Gary Owens Signed Letter with George Schlatter Content
George Jessel Signed Letter with Ty Cobb Content
Jack Benny Signed Letter with Vacation Content
Alex Haley Signed Letter with Biographical Content
Jascha Heifetz Signed Letter with Interview Content
Jack Lemmon Signed Note with Award Content
Charlton Heston Signed Letter with Steinberg Content
Jack Benny Telegram with Boxing Content

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