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The Windup That Killed A Man (1923)
1912 Boston Red Sox Team Photograph by Burke & Atwell
Definitive Connie Mack Photograph
Harry Hopper in his Red Sox Prime
Christy Mathewson and John McGraw
Christy Mathewson and Roger Bresnahan
The Carl Mays Collection (3 photos)
Spectacular Chief Bender Photograph
Fred Toney (1922)
The Chief Bender Collection (7 photos)
Greasy Neale (1921)
Ty Cobb & Honus Wagner
Hooper, Lewis & Speaker
Cy Young Warming Up
Cy Young's Face
Allegehany B.B.C.
Carl Horner Photographs (6)
Eddie Plank
Chief Bender
Chief Bender Collection
Nick Altrock Collection
Neal Ball by Charles Conlon
Johnny Evers
Home Run Baker
1910 Philadelphia Athletics
Burleigh Grimes (4)
Classic Ty Cobb
Early Cincinnati Reds Collection
Connie Mack Collection
Pat Moran Collection (12)
Heine Groh Collection
Ed Walsh Collection
Tris Speaker Collection (4)
Carl Mays Collection (3)
Frank Chance Collection
Dazzy Vance (8)
Larry Doyle Collection (9)
John McGraw Collection (5)
Edd Roush Collection (8)
Nick Altrock by Carl Horner
Earle "Greasy" Neale <i>Black Sox scandal, 1973</i>
Matty & Toney
1912 Pittsburgh Pirates Panorama
Ty Cobb in Race Car
Christy Mathewson <i>Pitcher’s Triple Crown winner, 1905</i>
Circa 1912 Duffy Lewis Photograph
John McGraw Collection (6)
1908 S.S. Minnesota Baseball Team
Tris Speaker by Harris & Ewing
"Midget" Rabbitt Maranville
Tris Speaker
1917 Red Faber
Heine Groh & His Bottle Bat
CHARLES MARTIN CONLON : Baseball Photographs, 1910s
CHRISTY MATHEWSON (1880-1925) : His Final Years, 1922-1925
$100,000 INFIELD : Connie Mack’s Legendary Stars, 1939
LARRY DOYLE (1886-1974) : Impressive Image, 1910s
WALLY PIPP (1893-1965) : The Man Lou Gehrig replaced, 1921
1914 MIRACLE BRAVES : Evers to Gowdy to Fuchs, 1929
RUBE MARQUARD (1886-1980) : No Hitter, 1915
MERKLE'S BONER : Fred Merkle and Johnny Evers
BOSTON & CHICAGO Cabinet Photograph with Ed Walsh, circa 1909
1910s REAL PHOTO BASEBALL POSTCARDS Eight Real Photo Postcards, 1920s
BENNY KAUFF (1890-1961)<br>Ty Cobb of the Federal League, 1915
JOHN McGRAW (1873-1934)<br>Muggsy, 1912
CICOTTE & WEAVER Two Portraits, 1919-1920
1915 PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES Champions, 1915
“SMOKY” JOE WOOD (1889-1985)<br>Smoky, circa 1911
TRIS SPEAKER (1888-1958)<br>Centerfield, circa 1911
JIM THORPE (1888-1953)<br>Native American, 1913
TOMMY CONNOLLY (1870-1961)<br>Yer Out!, 1909
KEIO UNIVERSITY Early Japanese Team, circa 1910
1915 WORLD SERIES Ole Pete and Shore, 1915
HAP FELSCH (1891-1964)<br>The Fixer, 1917
CHARLIE EBBETS (1859-1925)<br>The Namesake, 1916
EDDIE GRANT (1883-1919)<br>Two images, 1913-1914
HUGH JENNINGS (1869-1928)<br>Ee-Yah, 1900s
WILBERT ROBINSON (1863-1934)<br>Two Photos, 1920
TY COBB (1886-1961) <br>Spikes Flying, 1910s
TY COBB (1886-1961) <br>Georgia Peach, 1910s
1900s WHITE SOX Team Photo, circa 1906
HANK GOWDY (1889-1966) <br>The Patriot, 1910s
HANK GOWDY (1889-1966) <br>Miracle Brave, 1914
JIM THORPE (1888-1953) <br>Greatest Athlete, 1910s
PRESIDENT TAFT National Pastime, 1900s
WALTER JOHNSON (1887-1946)<br>Big Train, 1910s
JOHNNY EVERS (1881-1947)<br>Tinker to..., 1915
JOHNNY EVERS (1881-1947)<br>…to Chance, 1910’s
JOHNNY EVERS (1881-1947)<br>Sad Lexicon, 1910s
EDDIE PLANK & JOHNNY EVERS<br><i>World Series, 1914</i>
NAP LAJOIE (1874-1959) <br>Bonaparte, 1915
BOBBY WALLACE by George Burke Rare image, 1937
GROVER CLEVELAND ALEXANDER (1887-1950) <br>Ole Pete, 1919
CIRCA 1905 N.Y. GIANTS Metropolitans, circa 1905
TY COBB (1886-1961) <br>Batting Champ, 1910s
GEORGE SISLER (1893-1973)<br>Early image, 1910’s
CHRISTY MATHEWSON (1880-1925)<br>Big Six, 1910’s
JOE TINKER(1880-1948) by Carl Horner, 1910s
EDDIE COLLINS (1887-1951) <br>by Carl Horner, 1910s
CHIEF BENDER (1884-1954)<br>by Carl Horner, 1910s
WALTER JOHNSON (1887-1946)<br>by Harris and Ewing, 1910’s
JOSEPH KELLEY (1871-1943) <br>Hall of Famer, 1910s
CIRCA 1909 PIRATES Mini Panorama, circa 1909
HONUS WAGNER (1874-1955)<br>Mighty Hans, circa 1910
HEINE ZIMMERMAN (1887-1969)<br>New York Giants, 1910’s
CHRISTY MATHEWSON (1880-1925)<br>Bucknell Boy, 1912
HAL CHASE (1887-1947) <br>The Gambler, 1910’s
JOHN McGRAW (1873-1934)<br>World Series, 1917
JOSEPH KELLEY (1871-1943) <br>by Carl Horner, 1900s
1915 PCL CHAMPION S.F. SEALS Pacific Coast League, 1915
TRIS SPEAKER (1888-1958)<br>Hooper, Lewis &…, 1910’s
CARL MAYS (1891-1971)<br>Unlikely Assailant,
FRANK CHANCE (1876-1924)<br>Peerless Leader, circa 1910
FRANK CHANCE (1876-1924)<br>by Keystone, 1910s
FRANK CHANCE (1876-1924)<br>by Carl Horner, 1900s
ED WALSH (1891-1959)<br>Big ED, 1910s
ED WALSH (1891-1959)<br>by Carl Horner, 1900s
JOHN McGRAW (1873-1934)<br>Vaudeville Photo, 1905
HARRY STEINFELDT (1877-1914) <br>Red Cub, 1900s
JOE TINKER (1880-1948)<br>by Carl Horner, 1900s
LARRY DOYLE (1886-1974) <br>Laughing Larry, 1910s
LARRY DOYLE (1886-1974) <br>Loyal Giant, 1912
TRIS SPEAKER (1888-1958)<br>Cracker Jack, 1914
JOHN K. TENER (1863-1946) <br>Collection of 8, 1910s
TY COBB (1886-1961)<br>Exceptional image, 1917
LARRY DOYLE (1886-1974)<br>Laughing Larry, 1912
CHRISTY MATHEWSON (1880-1925)<br>Big Three, early 1920s
HARRY SMITH (1874-1933)<br>By Carl Horner, 1909
TRIS SPEAKER (1888-1958)<br>Spoke, 1910’s
Exceptional Christy Mathewson Vintage Photo
Christy Mathewson Photos as Cincinnati Reds Manager
1917 Cincinnati Reds with Christy Mathewson
1930 Reds Pitching Staff
1930 Reds Team Photo
Classic 1910s Eddie Plank Photograph
1914-1915 Federal League Photographs from Baseball Magazine (8)
Johnny Evers Photo by Carl Horner
Miller Huggins Photo by Carl Horner
Cy Seymour Photo by Carl Horner
Jake Daubert by Lawrence J. Neumann
Roger Bresnahan
Mordecai Brown Federal League Chicago Whales
Home Run Baker
Grover Cleveland Alexander
Ty Cobb (1921)
Fred Merkle
1912 World’s Champions
Ned Hanlon Photograph by Carl Horner
Livingston, Jude and Schlei Photos by Carl Horner
Edd Roush (1916)
Hughie Jennings 1910's
Walter Johnson (1923)
Cy Young Circa 1909
Joe Tinker Chicago Whales
Nap Lajoie in Chalmers MVP Automobile (1910)
Johnny Evers
Ty Cobb and the 1927 Philadelphia Athletics
1916 World Series
Eddie Plank
1914 Federal League Magnates
1914 N.Y. Giants and White Sox at the Vatican
Ty Cobb (1908)
Incredible Eddie Plank Photograph
Spectacular Edd Roush Portrait
Ross Young Helps Giants Win Fourth Pennant (1924)
Amazing Image of Cy Young
Circa 1915 Image of Smokey Joe Wood
Two Lovely Big Ed Walsh Images
The Early Days of George Sisler (1922)
Charles Ebbets and the National League Owners Meet at Waldorf-Astoria (1913)
Stuffy McInnis Circa 1914
The $100,000 Infield
John McGraw and Connie Mack Ready for the World Series
Chief Meyers 1913 World Series
Home Run Baker in His Prime
Home Run Baker Circa 1914
The Grover Cleveland Alexander Battery (1920)
Grover Cleveland Alexander Signs Soldiers Petition (1920)
Cy Young and Bill Carrigan (1935)
Bill Carrigan in Upcoming 1915 World Series
Fred Merkle (1918)