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Leftfield Foul Pole 330-Foot Sign

Leftfield Foul Pole 330-Foot Sign

How many of Mark McGwire’s drives in ’98 came screaming past the fair side of the foul pole? How many went foul that could have added to those 70 homers? Now you can own the upper portion of the foul pole including the pennant at the very top. Below the pole is the “330” sign marking the distance from the plate to the left field foul pole. It reaches across two 48” x 86” panels cushioned with green vinyl padding, nearly evenly split between the two panels. A yellow-line extension of the pole that stood tall behind the wall runs top to bottom on the right panel. Numbers are painted in white, as opposed to the other outfield wall sign markers on which the numbers are affixed with stickers. Heavy damage in the form of spike rips, soiling, etc, but these are visible only at close range. From a distance, a nearly pristine-looking Busch landmark. <br>(Estimate $1000- $2000)

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