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Visitor’s Dugout Telephones (2)

Visitor’s Dugout Telephones (2)

Same as home dugout phones. Each phone encased in 8” deep, 12” tall black boxes with hinged metal covers engraved “Telephone” in vertical white block letters. Were mounted to the dugout wall one on top of the other. Phones were used for different purposes, with the bottom phone the one for those all-important bullpen calls, a fact made evident by the letters in “Telephone” having been overwritten in black marker with the word “Bullpen.” Standard touch-tone telephone inside, though it had a direct line to the ‘pen. Right side of the cover has a latch with a loop and peg, which when removed would allow the case to be swung open. Other phone cover is overwritten with “P.R.”, for communications between managers and players and the team’s public relations people upstairs. <br>(Estimate $300 - $500)

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