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Visitors Dugout Bat Rack

Visitors Dugout Bat Rack

Bat rack from the Busch Stadium visitors dugout, which was located in the tunnel down the steps from the left side of the dugout. 48” wide, 29” tall and 28.75” deep. Constructed of corrugated red wood with silver metal frames and dividers for eight separate 4” x 4” sections in which the bats were cased. Just imagine the heralded lumber that hung out in this rack and was pulled out for action by the likes of Mays, Aaron, Bench, Rose, Schmidt, Bonds, and of course Sosa on that dramatic day he watched Mark McGwire break the home run record before Sammy could. Numerous marks, dents and other damage from its years of use. <br>(Estimate $500 - $1,000)

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