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Six Different Olympic Participation Pins

Six Different Olympic Participation Pins

There is a particular honor measured by these six participatory pins, that of the Olympic athlete who is revered for simply (though far from easily) making it onto the team, aside from the gold, silver and bronze medals which await the first, second and third finishers. Interestingly these gold pins, all designed with the same symbolic five rings and flaming torch, were from one of the most troubled of eras in Olympic history, from the “Munich massacre” of the 1972 summer games, through the winter and summer of ’76 and ’80 (the summer contest in Moscow boycotted by - among others - the United States), to the Soviet-boycotted L.A. games of 1984. Presented by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) to all athletes who participated. All made by Bertoni of Italy, and housed in their original pouches, on original backing cards. EX-MT or better.

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