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The Chester Kelley 1870s-80s Autograph Album (175+)

The Chester Kelley 1870s-80s Autograph Album (175+)

Staggering bound volume with over 175 signed pieces on 40-pages. All are by important figures from the 1870s and 1880s, including several Presidential, military, abolitionists and many other persons of American fame. They come in many interesting forms, mostly small white autograph cards, letters, envelopes, checks, free franks and more. Best of all they are placed randomly on the pages with subject matter like members of Lincoln’s cabinet together with great authors. Many of the signers have added extra little bonuses like the date or other salutations. In a class all its own, this is both for devotees of American history and the noble art of autograph collecting itself. Here is a list to whet the appetite: Grover Cleveland & his First Lady, Jefferson Davis, U.S. Grant and VP Colfax (all VP’s and Prez’s are on separate sheets), John Sherman, Longfellow, Oliver Wendell Holmes, William C. Bryant, P.T. Barnum, Thos. A. Edison, Brigham Young, Randolph Churchill, John Hay, Horatio King, Louisa May Alcott and Mary Alcott, Thomas Nast, “Samuel L. Clemens Mark Twain”, Henry Ward Beecher, G.H. Scribner, amazing “Charles S. Stratton known as Gen Tom Thumb…Mrs. Charles S. Stratton October 14th 1878”, R.S. Gatling, Henry Clay, abolitionist Cassius Clay (“I have a few letters of A. Lincoln - but cannot spare them ‘for love or money!’”), James Buchanan and VP Hott, two James K. Polk with one VP James Calhoun, Hannibal Hamlin, Hamilton Fish, Rutherford B. Hayes (also First Lady & VP Wheeler), James A. Garfield (also First Lady & VP Chester A. Arthur), and Sam Houston. Plus many more of Supreme Court Justices, 1876 Centennial Exhibitionists, Army & Navy Secretaries, U.S. Treasury Secretaries, Speaker of the House, and many others. This has not been thoroughly researched so there will be great rewards for the talented autograph-hunting eye (all personages are famous). Pieces average EX-MT and all has been meticulously mounted and wonderfully preserved. Volume's 9 x 9" brown cloth has been brilliantly rebound and a cloth slipcase box has been made for it. Both are NRMT and read, "19th Century Autograph Collection" in gold (9 3/4 x 9 3/4"). One of the finest collections of this kind we have seen all put together by one man at one time.

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