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The Finest General Winfield Scott Letter Extant (1841)

The Finest General Winfield Scott Letter Extant (1841)

This unfathomably rare 8-page letter handwritten in 1841 by the "Father of the U.S. Military" General Winfield Scott. Treatise documents his views on the major political issues of the day, in response to growing calls for him to run for President, the same plea made of Generals from Washington to Eisenhower to Powell and Clark. Scott's influence and impact at the time as a potential rival to then-President Martin Van Buren was enormous, as both men were in the Whig Party. Scott seemed all too eager to, as he wrote, respond to "many letters from many different states" to express his views. 3 years before the next election, saying such entreaties "flattering proof" of the interest in him as a candidate, and after completing a victorious campaign restoring tranquility with the Indians on the Canadian border, he composed the heavily detailed letter, offering no-compromise opinions in underlined headings such as "Party Politics", "The Judiciary", "The Executive Veto", and "One Presidential Term" (favoring a single 6-year term). Such content from this military giant is truly an historical treasure, and must have caught Van Buren's attention since shortly after he smartly promoted Scott to general-in-chief of the army, keeping him busy in the impending Mexican War. He died at West Point in 1866 at the age of 80 and buried in the national cemetary. The letter, on lined paper, is in black fountain pen, in a prim and proper hand appropriate for a man known as "Fuss and Feathers" for his discipline and dress and decorum. The letter is signed, "Your friend and fellow citizen, Winfield Scott," with the highly-valued signature grading a strong 8/10. The remarkably well preserved 8 x 10 1/2" pages show only tepid yellowing and no fraying whatsoever. Letter has been snugly fit (but not attached) into an impressive plum-red vintage cloth binding with the words "General Winfield Scott, Autograph Letter Signed and dated October 25, 1841" engraved in a gold on green label. A museum quality document of thrilling proportion.

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