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James Naismith Signed Book-"The Meaning of Right and Wrong"
1891 Springfield College Football Team Cabinet Photo with James Naismith and Amos Alonzo Stagg
Circa 1891 Amos Alonzo Stagg Cabinet Photo
1925 James Naismith Signed Naturalization Certificate
1939 Basketball Card Signed by James Naismith
James Naismith's "Book To Live By" with Handwritten Notes
1918 "The Basis of Clean Living" Signed by James Naismith
Collection of Envelopes Signed by James Naismith (14 total)
James Naismith Hand Drawn Basketball Play, Signature, and Portrait
1919 James Naismith Signed YMCA Document
The James Naismith Photo Archive (22 total)
Collection of James Naismith Signatures (9)
1901-02 First Edition of The Reach National League Basket Ball Guide (James Naismith's Personal Copy)
Important Rawlings Documents Regarding James Naismith (5)
1929 James Naismith Handwritten Response to a Letter with Basketball Content
James Naismith Signed Type Written Speech
Large Archive of James Naismith Signed Handwritten Letters, Many with Original Envelopes and Signatures (80)
1930's Prints of James Naismith by Ed Elbel (37)
Four Paintings by Mrs. James Naismith
Mrs. James Naismith's Wedding Glove, Garter, Hankerchief and Doll Dress
Dr. James Naismith's Medicine Dosage Cups and Dental Kit
Dr. James Naismith's 1936 Olympic Postage Stamps and 1961 Naismith-Basketball Stamps
Dr. James Naismith's Cub Scout Leader Buttons (4) and Ring
1926 "Hygiene" Book Signed by James Naismith
1933 "Alcohol and Man" Book Signed by James Naismith
Two Rare Basketball Hall of Fame Pin-Back Buttons Picturing James Naismith
Dr. James Naismith's Personally Owned and Used "Stradivarius" Violin
1939 James Naismith Signed Basketball Card
Dr. James Naismith 1936 Berlin Olympic Presentational Flag, Signed Handwritten Letter and Photograph
James Naismith Signed YMCA Mailing Envelope
James Naismith Signature on a Portrait
1894 James Naismith Signature
1919 James Naismith Signature
James Naismith Signature
Two 1930's Foreign Basketball Publications
1900 James Naismith Signed Handwritten Letter
1900 James Naismith Signed Handwritten Letter with Signed Envelope
Letters to the Naismith Family From The Basketball Hall of Fame, Springfield College, Etc.(11)
1936 Letter To Dr. James Naismith From The Governor of Kansas
1974 Telegram From Richard Nixon to the Naismith Family
1916 Telegram To Capt. James Naismith Regarding Mobilization at Ft. Riley
Vintage Reminiscences of Dr. James Naismith (5)
Significant Basketball Hall of Fame Collection From The James Naismith Family (44)
1937 St. Francis vs. Springfiled Basketball Program with "The First Team" On the Cover
1936 YMCA Physical Department Dinner Announcment Featuring Dr. James Naismith
1919-1920 Official Basket Ball Rules Booklet-Part IV
Fundamentals of Basketball Pamphlet by Dr. James Naismith
1926 Telegram To James Naismith From The Basketball Joint Rules Committee
Five James Naismith Signatures
Collection of Material From The College at Springfield Relating to James Naismith (11)
Collection of Basketball Publications From the James Naismith Family (6)
The Naismith Family Coat of Arms Plaque
Typed Copy of a Book Manuscript on the Life of Dr. James Naismith
Dr. James Naismith American Academy of Pysical Education Certificate For Creating the Game of Basketball
James Naismith's Personal Copy of "Collegiate Basket Ball Rules."
Very Early Signature of James Naismith
1917 James Naismith Signed Handwritten Letter with Signed Envelope
1894 James Naismith Signature
1939 Kansas Jayhawks Team Photograph with Dr. James Naismith
Dr. James Naismith Signed (6) and Unsigned (69) Prints by Ed Elbel
Early James Naismith With Womens Basketball Team Photograph
Nice Collection of James Naismith Photographs (5)
1961Basketball Hall of Fame Grand Opening Signed Programs and First Day Covers (8)
Dr. James Naismith’s Pocket Notebook Filled with His Handwritten Notes
James Naismith Signed Handwritten Letters (8)
James Naismith’s Personal Grooming Kit, Rubber Stamp and Souvenir Spoons
James Naismith Documents Pertaining To His Will, Estate, and Funeral (3 signed)
James Naismith’s Basketball Whistle
Original Drawings For The Maude Naismith Basketball Trophy
James Naismith Signed Books (2)
James Naismith Signed Real Estate Contract
Dr. James Naismith’s Personal Collection of Confederate Paper Money
1939 James Naismith Signed Typed Letter
Dr. James Naismith Collection of Programs, Booklets and Invitations (7)
1902 Dr. James Naismith Medical Certificate
Dr. James Naismith Travel and Naturalization Documents (2)
James Naismith Typed Essay/Speech on “What’s The Matter With Athletics”
Historically Important Archive of James Naismith Documents Pertaining to the Invention of Basketball and Other Games
Balance of the Dr. James Naismith Collection