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Vintage Baseball Photograph Collection (18)

Vintage Baseball Photograph Collection (18)

<p>Collection of eighteen vintage baseball photographs, each picturing an individual ballplayer, including one taken by noted photographer Charles Conlon. Nearly all the photos appear to date from the 1905 to 1925 time period. Identifications given here are based solely on the vintage handwritten notations on the reverse, with two photos having no identifiers. Unless otherwise noted, all bear Brown Brothers credit stamps on the reverse. Both the player's team and photo size are included in the listing. <strong>The collection consists of the following players: </strong>Dave Robertson (Giants; "Conlon" photo credit; 7.25x9.75"), Rube Benton (Giants; 6.75x4.75"), Chief Meyers (Giants; 5x7"), Ping Bodie (White Sox; 6x7.5"), Dick Rudolf (Braves; 5x7"), Hi Meyers (Robins; 6.5x8"), Jack Doyle (Highlanders; 6.5x8.5"), Ernie Johnson (Yankees; 5x5.5"), Bill Killefer (Phillies; 5.75x8"), Benny Kauff (Giants; 6x8"), Art Nehf (Giants; no photographer's credit, 6.5x4.5"), Cy Seymour (Giants, no photographer's credit, 5x7"), Doc Ayers (Senators; "Curtis" photo credit; 5.75x7.5"), Alva "Rip" Williams (Senators; "Curtis" photo credit; 6x8"), Bob Meusel (Yankees; "Wrede and Collins" photo credit; 6.75x4.75"), Jim Shaw (Senators, "Curtis" photo credit; 6x8"), and two unidentified (6x8" and 6.5x4", respectively, both with Brown Brothers credit stamps). The smaller of the two unidentified photos has a diagonal tear in the lower right corner that has been repaired with clear tape on the reverse, otherwise the photos are in Very Good to Excellent condition overall.&nbsp;<em style="font-size: 10pt;">While we believe most, if not all, are period photos, none have been submitted to PSA, so no guarantees are made regarding specific Type designations. <br></em></p>

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