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1992 Baseball, Football, Auto Racing and Entertainment Autographs (48)
Unique Collection of In-Person Signed Polaroids (220+)
1992 In-Person Autograph Datebook with Sports and Entertainment (110+ Sigs)
Sports and Entertainment In-Person Autographs (500+ Signatures)
In-Person Cleveland Autograph Books: 25 Books (975+ Signatures)
Sports Legend In-Person Signed One-of-a-Kind Polaroids (450+)
In-Person Signed Baseballs from Steve K. (115+)
1995-96 In-Person Autograph Book w/Rappers TLC (45+)
1940s Autograph Books from Count Basie to NFL HOFers (197 sigs)
1945-47 Sex, Drugs & Big Bands Autograph Book
George Reeves 1945 In-Person Signed Move Still (PSA)
Outstanding In-Person Autograph Books (600+ sigs)
In-Person Autograph Books (300+ Sigs)
1995-2005 Autograph Book Collection of Steve K. (600+ Sigs)
Football Autographs from Steve K (215+)
Rock & Music Signed Photos (250+)
1946 Lou Costello Signed Movie Still
Auto Racing Autograph Collection w/Three Paul Newmans (145)
Movies, TV, Theater & Entertainment Autograph Lot (640+)
Massive Golf Autograph Collection (600+)
Wonderful Boxing Autograph Collection (260+)
Large Political Autograph Collection (35+)
Baseball Autograph Collection from Steve K (305+)
Huge Sports Autograph Collection of Steve K (260+)
In-Person Basketball Autographs w/Michael Jordan (50+)