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Boxing Cards

1951 Topps Ringside Boxing Collection (500+)
1923-24 Willard's Chocolate Boxing Collection (220+)
1911 Turkey Red Boxing Collection (24)
Unopened 1991 Kayo Boxing Wax Box Case & Factory Sets
Great 19th Century Boxing PSA & SGC Graded Card Collection (35+)
1948 Leaf Boxing PSA & SGC Graded Partial Set (39)
1887 N194 Kimball Smith and Cardiff SGC 60 Pair
19th Century Type Card Lot (4)
1887 N28 John L. Sullivan SGC 84
1880s N692 Sunny South Boy Boxer
1930s Rogers Peet Partial High Grade Set
1926-27 Sports Co. of America Partial High Grade Set
1926-27 Sports Co. of America Jack Dempsey (SGC 92)
Two 1948 Leaf Uncut Panels (SGC Authentic)
European Set and Partial Set Collection (5)
1890's Old Judge & Dog’s Head Export Jack Thompson SGC 35
1880s John C. Heenan CDV
1880s John L. Sullivan CDV
1930 E282 Oh Boy Gum Jack Dempsey and Tom Mix SGC 30
1920s Uncatalogued Siamese “Champions” Tom Gibbons
1948 Leaf John L. Sullivan (PSA NM-MT 8)
1910 E75 American Caramel Jimmy Britt (PSA NM-MT 8)
1910 T220 Mecca John L. Sullivan (PSA NM-MT 8)
1917 E75 Tom Sharkey (PSA NM 7)
1910 T223 Dixie Queen Lot of 4 PSA Graded Cards
1910 T223 Dixie Queen Young Corbett (PSA NM-MT 8)
1910 T218 Tolstoi Jack Johnson SGC 40
1888 N332 SF Hess Billy Dacy SGC 10
1888 N332 SF Hess Tom Sayers
1888 N332 SF Hess John L. Sullivan SGC 50
1887 N60 Little Beauties Cigarettes Joe Goss SGC A (skinned)
1889 N386 Spaulding & Merrick Canada Chop John L. Sullivan SGC 20
1889 N386 Spaulding & Merrick Plow Boy Cigarettes Jake Kilrain SGC A
1889 N386 Spaulding & Merrick Echo Cigarettes Jake Kilrain (SGC 40)
1886 N167 Old Judge Jem Smith (SGC 20)
1910 E80 Philadelphia Caramel SGC Graded Complete Set
1910 E79 Philadelphia Caramel SGC Graded Complete Set #1 Set Registry
1910 E78 SGC Graded Complete Set
1910 E77 SGC Graded Complete Set Plus Additional Variations #1 Set Registry
1910 E76 SGC Graded Complete Set #1 on Registry
1909 E75 SGC Graded Complete Set SGC Registry #1
Pair of 2000 Upper Deck Muhammad Ali "The Master Collection" Unopened Factory Sealed Boxes
Multi-Year Exhibit Boxing Card Collection w/ Louis and Robinson (104)
1888 N184 W.S. Kimball Sports Tobacco Card Collection (29)
1880s-1910s Boxing Cabinet Cards Lot of 130
1911 T9 Turkey Red Boxing Partial Set with PSA Graded Cards
1948-52 Exhibits Boxing Set Collection (11)
1911 T9 Turkey Red Boxing Cards (7)
Jack Dempsey Vintage Cards (all PSA & SGC)
Collection of Muhammad Ali PSA Graded Cards (12)
Five Vintage Gene Tunney Boxing Cards (all PSA)
1920s Boxing Strip Card Collection with SGC Graded (30+)
Collection of 6 Unopened Sport Boxes
1997 Browns 11th Set Signed #51 Floyd Mayweather JSA
1924 Willard's Chocolates V137 John L. Sullivan
1939 Joe Palooka Criss Cross Exhibit Card Prototype (12)
1922 & 1935 British Boxing Card Set Hobbyist Displays (3)
1908-09 Ogden's Pugilists & Wrestlers Complete Set (75)
Brown's and Topps Boxing Card Complete Sets 1997 Set with Graded 1997 Mayweather (12)
1948 Leaf Boxing Collection (95+)
1951 Topps Ringside Collection (125+)
19th & 20th Century Boxing Cards (22)
1920's Boxing Strip Cards (57)
Vintage Boxing w/Sullivan-Kilrain Advertisement (200+)
1927 Fro-Joy Gene Tunney Complete Set #1 on SGC Registry
1923 V137 Willard Chocolates Boxers Complete Set (56)
Five 1923 W580 Boxing Cards w/ Johnson, Dempsey & Sullivan SGC Graded
Various 1923 W580 Boxing Cards w/ Young Corbett (25)
1910 T225 Prize Fighters Series 102 Complete Graded Set (25) #1 SGC Registry
1910 T225 Prize Fighter Series 101 Complete Graded Set (25) #1 SGC Registry
1936 La Salle Hats Complete Set With Original Envelope
1910 Honest Long Cut T219 Complete Set (SGC)
1950's Joe Palooka R427 Collection - Complete Set of 12, plus Two Duplicates Cards (SGC Graded)
Pair of Scarce 1880s N150 Cabinets w/ John L. Sullivan SGC Graded
RARE 1889 N150 John L. Sullivan Honest Long Cut Panel
Four Rare John L. Sullivan 1889 Honest Long Cut N150 SGC Graded
1950s Joe Palooka R427 John L. Sullivan Complete Box
1950s Joe Palooka R427 Complete Boxes (5)
All-Time Greatest 1910 T218 Champions Complete Graded Set - #1 on PSA Registry (8.02 GPA)
1911 T9 Turkey Red Boxing Lot of (9) with Jack Johnson
1910 T218 Champion Boxers Collection w/(13) PSA Graded (30)
Hoard of High Grade Joe Louis & Rocky Marciano 1956 Adventure Cards with Two Display Boxes
1911 T9 Turkey Red Boxing Lot of (9) with Jack Johnson
Large 1890s-1950s Vintage Boxing Card Collection w/1909 T9 Turkey Red (110+)
Scarce 1920s Boxing Exhibits (34)
Early 20th Century Boxing Card Collection (100+)
Pre-War Baseball and Boxing Tobacco/Caramel Collection with HOFers!
1951 Topps Ringside Boxing Near Set of (86/96)
1948 Leaf HIGH GRADE Boxing Collection of 26
1948 Leaf Boxing Complete Set (49/49)
1895 Newsboy Cabinets N566 James Corbett + Peter Jackson SGC Graded
1951 Topps Ringside Boxing Uncut Sheets (2)
1948 Leaf Boxing Hoard w/2 Near Complete Sets and PSA Graded Cards
T9 Boxers (14)
Early British Boxing Card Collection
Mayo’s Cut Plug Boxing Three-Card Proof Strip w/ Sullivan
Boxing Tobacco Card Collection (290)
1948-49 Leaf Uncut Boxing Sheet
Boxing Cigarette Picture Card Albums (3)
Early Boxing Card Collection (132)
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