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Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale (1962)
The Marichal-Roseboro Affair (1965)
The Sandy Koufax Collection (3 photos)
Definitive Sandy Koufax Image
The Sandy Koufax Collection (7 photos)
Drysdale and Koufax Combined (1962)
Sandy Koufax Breaks ML Strikeout Record (1959)
Marichal-Roseboro Bat Incident with Sandy Koufax (1965)
Sandy Koufax Mysterious Pitching Ailment (1962)
Sandy Koufax Pitches Flawlessly (1963)
Sandy Koufax Back in Business (1964)
Koufax Elated After Opening Game of 1963 World Series
Koufax Strikes Out 18 (1959)
Willie Mays Knocks Koufax Off The Mound (1962)
Koufax’s Dodgers Beat Yankees Four Straight in 1963 World Series
Koufax No-Hitter Versus the Mets (1962)
Koufax Pitches Perfect Game (1965)
Koufax Gets 15
Sandy Koufax Strikes Out 15 Yankees in 1963 World Series (Final Pitch)
Sandy Koufax "No Hit" Photos (2)
Sandy Koufax (1963)
Sandy Sings His Swan Song (1966)
Sandy Koufax “Rookie” (1954)
Marvelous Collection of Sandy Koufax Photographs (21 photos)