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Four San Francisco Mug Shots
John Lennon & Yoko Ono "Floating Heads" Photo
Pope Pius XII Oversized Photo
MLK Memorial Procession
Collection of Vietnam War Photographs (22)
Burning of the Buddhist Monk
Historical Photograph Collection
Hindenburg Photograph Collection
Jayne Mansfield Photographs (7)
Ed Gein Photographs
Norma Shearer and Irving Thalberg Photographs (20)
Three Nice Marilyn Monroe Photographs
Martin Luther King & Malcolm X Photographs (14)
Sharon Tate Photographs (6)
Charles Manson Photographs
Raising The Flag At Iwo Jima
Rosa Parks
Malcom X Assassin (3)
Aftermath of the Execution of Benito Mussolini (3)
Hitler, Stalin & World War II (13)
Moe Howard
Marilyn in Korea (1954)
Marvelous Cincinnati Photographs by Paul Briol (9)
Marilyn Monroe’s Death Original Wire Photographs (13)
Al Capone St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
Collection of 1930s San Francisco Examiner Original Glass Plate & Negatives (300+))
1956 Vice President Richard Nixon Original Negatives (18)
Robert Morley “Beat The Devil” Original Negatives by Chin (5)
Napalm Girl Pulitzer Prize Winning Photograph
Vietcong Execution, Saigon, 1968 by Horst Faas
Ruby Shoots Oswald Photograph
1870 Streets of Cincinnati Albumen Photograph (10.5x15”)
Peter Lorre “Beat The Devil” Original Negatives by Chin (5)
Humphrey Bogart “Beat The Devil” Original Negatives by Chin (12)
1967 Martin Luther King Gives Rousing Speech Photograph This stunning speec
1964 Martin Luther King at Ebenezer Church Photograph
1948 Superman Original Negatives Used to Make Movie Stills (2)
1927 Metropolis Original Negatives Used to Make Movie Stills (16)
1939 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Original Negatives Used to Make Movie Stills (10)
1956 War of the Worlds Original Negatives Used to Make Movie Stills (20)
1939 The Shadow Original Negatives Used to Make Movie Stills (4)
Jean Harlow
1882 Sitting Bull Cabinet Photograph
Chief American Horse and Red Cloud by D.F. Barry
General George Armstrong Custer Carte de Visite by Mathew Brady
Spotted Tail Mounted Albumen Photograph
1870s Native American Indian Chief
1870s Indian Dwellings Photographs (2)
Celebrity and Historical Signed Photos and Documents (30+)
Awesome MT Rushmore Designer Gutzon Borglum Signed Photograph
19th Century Geronimo Vintage Photograph
Jack Ruby Shoots Lee Harvey Oswald Photo
Robert Wadlow World's Tallest Man (1932)
Ernest Hemingway as a Wrestler (1944)
Edgar Bergin and Charlie McCarthy (1941)
Hindenburg Crashes (1937)
The Kennedy Family by Bachrach (1938)
My Lai Massacre (1969)
Coney Island Roller Coaster (1956)
Japan (500+)
WWII (300+)
Aviation (500+)
Columbia Records Country and Western Promo Photos (1950's)
1922 Ku Klux Klan Cross Burning
1937 Execution in China by Japanese
1963 Dog Attacks at Racial Demonstration
1963 Ruby Shoots Oswald
1945 Flag Raising at Iwo Jima
Three Stooges Movie Stills (13)
The James Kriegsmann Oversized Photograph Collection of 50+
The James Kriegsmann Handcolored Photograph Collection of 17
Edward S. Curtis Photograph