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1783 George Washington Signed Discharge Papers (PSA)
1790 Alexander Hamilton Signed Recommendation Letter as Secretary of the Treasury (PSA)
1837 Robert E. Lee Signed and Hand Addressed Free Frank Envelope to Army Captain (PSA)
1813 James Madison Signed Check as President (PSA)
1861 Abraham Lincoln Signed Military Commission as President (PSA)
Stunning 1784 John Hancock Signed Document Display (PSA)
1801 Thomas Jefferson Signed Ship's Passport as President (PSA)
1873 Ulysses S. Grant Signed Presidential Appointment (PSA MINT 9)
1884 William Tecumseh Sherman Signed Cabinet Photo on Christmas Day (PSA)
1860s Ulysses S. Grant Signed Carte de Visite as Lieutenant General (PSA)
1860s Robert E. Lee Signed Carte de Visite (PSA)
Gorgeous 1908 Theodore Roosevelt Signed Photograph as President (PSA)
1905 Winston Churchill Signed Real Photo Postcard (PSA)
1886 William Tecumseh Sherman Signed Carte de Visite (PSA)
1880 General Joshua Chamberlain Signed Check Display (PSA)
1813 Napoleon Bonaparte Signed Reinforcements Document Three Weeks Prior to The Battle of Leipzig (PSA)