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Rare 1956 Connie Mack Philadelphia Athletics Statue
Circa 1932 Adolfo Luque Original Negative by George Burke
1919 Black Sox Vintage Photograph Collection (8)
1940s Hiram Bithorn Original Negative by George Burke
Classic Eddie Gaedel Wire Photo
Babe Ruth at Speakeasy Photo
Baseball Snapshot Photo Collection Including Ruth & Gehrig (41)
1930s San Francisco Examiner Negatives with Lots of Sports (198)
Eddie Plank Photograph
Mel Ott Original Negative by George Burke
Circa 1939 Ted Williams Original Negative by George Burke
Babe Ruth Original Negative by George Burke
Joe DiMaggio Original Negative by George Burke
Lou Gehrig Batting Original Negative by George Burke
Lou Gehrig in Field Original Negative by George Burke
Hiram Bithorn Original Negative by George Burke
Exceptional Collection of Rogers Hornsby Vintage Photos (65)
1941 Brooklyn Dodgers Victory Parade by Ben Greenhaus for the NY Times
Pacific Coast League Baseball Photographs 1930s-1950s (50)
Willie Mays and Charlie Fox Photo (1970)
Willie Mays & Chuck Hiller Giants Photo (1962)
Willie Mays Safe At Home Giants Photo (1965)
Willie Mays Runs Home Giants Photo (1958)
Willie Mays Hits a Triple Giants Photo (1958)
Willie Mays Giants Baseball Photo (1962)
Willie Mays Record Tying Home Run #534 Photo (1966)
Willie Mays Surpasses Jimmie Foxx Home Run #535 Photo (1966)
Willie Mays Home Run #539 Photo (1966)
Willie Mays Registers to Vote Photo (1964)
Willie Mays Running Around Third Photo (1963
Hall of Famer Max Carey Framed Photo Collage
Hall of Famer Clark Griffith Baseball Photos (21)
1960 Pittsburgh Pirates World Series Photos (12)
Bill McKechnie Photo (1928)
Lon Warneke Baseball Photographs (20)
1927-1931 Ban Johnson Baseball Photos (7)
Pete Rose Baseball Baseball Wire Photos (130+)
Joe Morgan Photo Lot (26)
George Brett Baseball Wire Photos (84)
Circa 1906 Pittsburgh Pirates Team Photograph
Joe Wood World’s Champions
1939 Hall of Fame Dedication
Mickey Mantle’s 565-Foot Home Run
Willie Mays 1962
Circa 1906 Photos by Carl Horner Including Joe Kelly (5)
Yankee Photo DVD - 4,000+ New York Yankees 2010 Spring Training Images- 100% Full Copyrights Included
Homer in the Gloamin' by Henry A. Schaefer
1927 World Series Rival Murderers' Row
Circa 1912 Roger Bresnahan Photograph
1915 Eddie Plank Federal League Photograph
8,000 Baseball Images and 32,000+ NFL images
Marvelous Babe Ruth Portrait
First Yankees World Championship
Babe Ruth Photograph Collection
Ruth Hugs Gehrig On His Day
Frank Chance Photo by Carl Horner - Used on Chance's T206 Baseball Card
Nice Dead Ball Era Collection (4)
Billy Sunday Old Judge Photograph
Kenesaw Mountain Landis
Buck Weaver (1919)
Harry Hooper (1921)
Willie Mays Slides Home (1960)
Bob Feller Opening Day No-Hitter
Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown (1933)
Hack Wilson (1932)
National League Champion Chicago Cubs
Hank Greenberg & Home Run Anti-Semitism (1938)
Jackie Robinson & Clay Hopper (1947)
Jackie & Leo in Havana (1947)
World Series Infield (1955)
Johnny Carson & The Yankees
1958 Negro League All Stars
1930s Wrigley Field
Miller Huggins Funeral
Federal League Meeting
Comiskey Park 1931 Chicago City Series
1938 All Star Game
Old Timers at 1943 Charity Game
George Moriarty 1908 New York Highlanders
Jackie Robinson's First Game by Harry Hirsch
Jimmie Foxx 1942
1950 Brooklyn Dodgers
Mickey Mantle 500th Home Run
Seabiscuit Beats War Admiral
Christy Mathewson 1900s New York Giants
Shoeless Joe Jackson Circa 1919
New York Giants 1924 World Tour
Jackie Robinson Slides
1933 New York Giants
Hubbell & Gomez (1934)
1900s Charles Dooin & Dog
Roger Bresnahan - Home & Road
Christy Mathewson (9)
Claude "Lefty" Williams (2)
The George Burke Collection (10)
Willie Mays 1954 MVP
Lou Gehrig As Tarzan
Mickey Mantle in Yankee Stadium
Red Faber
1927 Lou Gehrig
35 mm slides of the 1977 World Series (405)
Awesome Christy Mathewson Portrait Photograph
1898 Christy Mathewson Team Photograph - Earliest Known
1930 World Series Wire Photographs (13)
Presidents Throwing Out the First Pitch (2)
Classic Eddie Gaedel Wire Photo
Circa 1939 Ted Williams Original Negative by George Burke
Late 1930s Lou Gehrig Original Negative by George Burke
Circa 1933 Babe Ruth Original Negative by George Burke
Rookie era Joe DiMaggio Original Negative by George Burke
1930s Moe Berg Original Negative by George Burke
1930s Mel Ott Original Negative by George Burke
Roberto Clemente Vintage Photo in Puerto Rico
First Ty Cobb Detroit Tigers Team Picture
Lou Gehrig Portrait Photograph
Farewell to #3 by Harry Harris
1971 Roberto Clemente World Series MVP Wire Photograph
1972 Roberto Clemente Signing Autographs Wire Photograph
Jimmie Foxx 1929 World Series Photograph
1903 World Series Vintage Photograph
1961 Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris Vintage Photograph
1928 Mel Ott Vintage Photograph
1913 Jim Thorpe Vintage Photograph
Amos Alonzo Stagg Vintage Photograph
1929 Yankee Stadium Vintage Photograph
1933 World Series Opening of the Polo Grounds Vintage Photograph
1931 Yankee Stadium Opening Day Vintage Photograph
Vintage Ebbets Field Photograph
Reggie Jackson Hitting Three Home Runs in Game 6 of the 1977 World Series Vintage Slides (11)
Reggie Jackson 1977 World Series Vintage Slides (62)
Mickey Mantle 1953 World Series Grand Slam Oversized Photograph
Outtake from Home Run Twins Photo Session by Art Sarno (11x14”)
Mickey Mantle 1961 Home Run by Art Sarno (11x14”)
The Earliest Known Girl’s Baseball Image - 1850s-60s Ambrotype of Little Girl Holding Baseball
The Earliest Known Ted Williams Photograph - Ted at Age Six (1924)
1894 Baltimore Orioles Champions "Ovals" Display Photograph
Collection Of Eddie Collins Photos (14)
Joe DiMaggio Boudoir Photograph
Bob Feller and Teammates Boudoir Photographs (2)
Balco Boys Photo Featuring Barry Bonds Promoting ZMA
1937 Seals vs Padres PCL Baseball Original Negatives (8)
1937 Seals vs Missions PCL Original Negatives with Lefty O'Doul (7)
1937 Dom Dimaggio in the Pacific Coast League Negatives (2)
1937 Padres vs Seals PCL Negatives with Lefty O'Doul Kids Day (13)
1965 Willie Mays Slides at Home Original Negatives (16 negs)
1910s-1950s Pacific Coast League PCL Photographs (10)
Whitey Ford Yankees Baseball Photographs (11)
Jackie Robinson and the Dodgers Baseball Photograph (1956)
Amazing 1911 Dazzy Vance PCL Glass Plate Negative
Joe Dimaggio 56 Game Hit Steak Ends Wire Photo (1941)
Paul Waner Pacific Coast League Original Photograph
Bob Meusel 1927 Yankees Member Wire Photos (2)
1937 Season Franklin D Roosevelt 1st Pitch Wire Photo
1964 Ken Hubbs Airplane Crash Wire photos (2)
St Louis Browns Clinch AL Pennant World Series Wire Photo (1944)
St Louis Cardinals World Series Pitchers Wire Photo (1930)
President Franklin D Roosevelt Baseball Wire Photo (1936)
Jessie Haines Baseball Hall of Famer Wire Photo (1928)
1930s Gabby Hartnett Hall of Famer Baseball Photos (8)
Gabby Hartnett with Stanley Cup Wire Photo (1938)
Dizzy Dean, Gabby Hartnett, Charlie McCarthy (Puppet), Edgar Bergen Baseball Photo (1939)
Yankee Stadium Lou Gehrig Memorial Wire Photo (1949)
1960s Juan Marichal Giants Baseball Photographs (11)
1960s Whitey Ford Yankees Baseball Photographs (15)
Jackie Robinson Greeting Louis Olmo Dodgers Photograph (1949)
1938 President Franklin D Roosevelt Throws Out 1st Pitch Sequence Photographs (2)
Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra Meet Prince of Japan (1953)
Mickey Mantle and Bob Grim Yankees Photo (1957)
Willie Mays, Hoyt Wilhelm and the Giants Photograph (1954)
Billy Martin and Jackie Jensen with PCL Oakland Oaks Wire Photo (1949)
1950/51 PCL Baseball 5 x 7'' Original Negatives (35)
1944-1946 PCL Baseball Original Negatives (110)
1944-1946 PCL Baseball Original Negatives (186)
1946 San Francisco Seals Sail for Hawaii Original Negatives (7)
CHARLES COMISKEY (1859-1931) : Mounted Photograph, circa 1888
HACK WILSON (1900-1948) : by Charles Martin Conlon, 1929
CANDLESTICK PARK OPENING : Original Negatives, April 12, 1960
DiMAGGIO BROTHERS : Original Negatives, March, 1938
MOE BERG (1902-1972) : The Rookie by Charles M. Conlon, 1923
BASEBALL COLOR NEGATIVES : Huge Collection, 1991-1995
WILLIE MAYS & MICKEY MANTLE : Mickey Mantle All-Stars versus Willie Mays All-Stars, 1958
NEW BALTIMORE ORIOLES : Welcoming the Orioles to Baltimore, 1954
RALPH KINER (b. 1922) : With His Bats, 1953
RALPH KINER (b. 1922) : Ralph Kiner in his sleeveless togs, 1950
WILLIE McCOVEY (b. 1938) : At The Plate, 1961
SANDY KOUFAX & WHITEY FORD : World Series Counterparts, 1963
GABBY HARTNETT (1900-1972) : The Rookie, 1922
LARRY DOBY (1923-2003) : Newark Eagle, 1947
SANDY KOUFAX (b. 1935) : The Golden Arm, 1965 United Press
ROSEBORO INCIDENT : Marichal Loses It, 1965
FRED LYNN (b. 1952) : Rookie of the Years, 1970s-1980s
MARTY MARION (b. 1917) : New Hall of Famer, 1940s-50s
OAKLAND STADIUM : Birth of a Behemoth, 1960s-1970s
FORD FRICK (1894-1978) : Baseball Czar, 1930s-1960s
HARRY AGGANIS (1930-1955) : Golden Greek, 1947-1955
PEPPER MARTIN (1904-1965) : Super Collection, 1920s-1940s
CAL RIPKEN, JR. (b. 1960) : Iron Man, 1970s-1990s
JOHNNY ANTONELLI (b. 1930) : Bonus Baby, 1950s-1960s
TOM SEAVER (b. 1944) : Tom Terrific, 1960s-1980s
1930 WORLD SERIES : Scoreboard, 1930
JUAN MARICHAL (b. 1937) : No Hitter, June 16, 1963
HIGH GRADE 1956 Dairy Queen Baseball Statues (8)
Branch Rickey 1919 St. Louis Cardinals Club Season Pass
1934-43 HOF Letters on Vintage Stationary
1953 New York Giants vs. Nagoya Dragons Ticket Stub
1950's-1980's Major League Baseball Oversized Photographs (134)
San Francisco Giants Baseball Oversized Photographs (250+)
Baseball Oversized Photographs (450+)
Eddie Plank Circa 1911
The Christy Mathewson Photograph Used on his T206 Baseball Card
Frank Chance Day (1913)
John McGraw Vaudeville Photograph (1913)
Grover Cleveland as a Cub for the 1st Time (1918)
Napoleon Lajoie Circa 1910
Hal Chase circa 1917
Ty Cobb Off to War (1918)
Shoeless Joe Jackson 1917 World Series
Hughie Jennings (1915)
Incredible Rube Waddell Photograph
John McGraw from Paul Thompson
Honus Wagner on the Bench circa 1910
Christy Mathewson (1917)
1919 Charles Comiskey Oversized 10 x 12.5''
1912 World Series at the Polo Grounds
Eddie Cicotte 1917 World Series
Opening Pitchers for the 1919 World Series
Kid Gleason 1919 World Series
Huge SF Giants Negative Collection (3,500+)
Oakland A's Large Original Negatives Collection (760)
Governor Reagan Throws Out 1st Pitch at 1st Oakland A's Game
Ted Williams Congratulates Jimmie Fox
Three Superb Fidel Castro Baseball Photos
Pat Moran Circa 1919
Spring Training 1965 by Herb Heise
Definitive Sandy Koufax by Pete Peters
1963 Sandy Koufax by Pete Peters
1919 Greasy Neale by Charles Conlon
Unpublished Marilyn Monroe Vintage Photo and Original Negative
Cap Anson Trophy
Homer In The Gloamin’
Hornsby and the Midgets (1952)
Hank Greenberg & Joe Louis
1933 All-Star Game
Al Simmons
Amazing Mets
Wrigley Field Pennant (1938)
Disco Sucks (1979)
First Night Game (1930)
Hank Greenberg Portrait (1935)
Red Ruffing (1927)
1962 Mets Coaching Staff
1959 World Series Dunking by Ray Gora (8)
1958 Milwaukee Braves
Muskegon Lassies (1948)
1959 Chicago White Sox
1937 World Series Coin-Op
The First All-Star Game
1943 Brown Bombers v. Clowns
Eddie Gaedel with Bat (1951)
Mel Ott (1929)
Eppa Rixey (1920)
Sandy Koufax & Don Drysdale (1963)
Sandy Koufax Pitching Sequence (3)
Polo Grounds Circa 1920
1924 Giants Meet the Duke of York
Polo Grounds (1911)
1924 World Series
1954 New York Giants
1951 New York Giants
Raising The Banner (1954)
Wrigley Field (1929)
Hack Wilson (1930)
Moe Berg (1933)
Chief Bender (1931)
Frank Chance (1923)
1994-2000 Cleveland Indians Photographic Slides (Approximately 3,000)
Major League Baseball Players Digital Image Archive (10,000+)
(1960-1962) Mickey Mantle & Roger Maris Oversized Photograph Collection (13)
Jackie Robinson Steals Home Photograph
Nice Collection of Wire Photos (7)