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Large Metal Sign from Shibe Park/Connie Mack Stadium
1980s Vin Scully "Press Box" Sign from Dodger Stadium
1930s Baby Ruth Stadium Vendor Tray
Early 1900s Polo Grounds Original Turnstile
Impressive Roy Hobbs "The Natural" Baseball League Banner
1950's "No Hard Ball" Stamped Steel Baseball Sign
1975 MLB Milwaukee County Stadium Bunting
Chicago Cubs Legends Signed Banner
1975 MLB Milwaukee County Stadium Bunting
Chicago Cubs Legends Signed Banner
Fenway Park Green Monster Section (unframed)
Boston Braves Field Turnstile
Awesome San Francisco 49ers Stadium Sign
Ebbets Field Stadium Seat
Fenway Park Stadium Seat
Sportsmans Park Stadium Seat
Huge American Flag from PETCO Field San Diego
Houston Astros PETCO Field Stadium Flag San Diego
PETCO Field San Diego Stadium Banners (6)
Fenway Park Red Railing
1950s Yankee Stadium Trolly Car Sign
Huge Collection of Cleveland Jacobs Field Construction Blue Prints
2002 NLCS Game Used On Deck Circle MLB
Crosley Field Seat with Figural "C" Side
Cardinals vs. Phillies Team Signed Line-Up Card From 4/8/05
Visitors Dugout Line-up Card From Final Regular Season Game
Line Up Card From Opening Day April 5th, 2005 at Minute Maid Park
NLCS Game 7 vs. Astros Game Used Ball
Enos Slaughter Autographed HOF Induction Plaque And Ball
2004 NLCS Championship Photo & Champagne Bottle From Cardinals Locker Room
Groundbreaking Shovel From January 2004 For New Stadium
Doghaus Sign
Redbird Roost Sign
Diamond Suite Neon Sign
Two Blue Outfield Wall Pads With Expos Logo's
Two Blue Outfield Wall Pads With Phillies Logo
Complete Set of "Great Moments In Busch Stadium History" Banners (35)
Busch Stadium Visitor's Lockeroom Hot Tub
Coca-Cola Backlit Sign From Busch Stadium
Complete Section Of Cardinals' Bullpen Bench
St. Louis Cardinals Team Store Sign Covered in Farewell Grafitti.
Cardinals Clubhouse Budweiser Message And Dry Erase Board Signed By Larry Walker
Small Outfield Wallpad With 2004 WS Logo
American League Logo On-Deck Circle
Cardinals HOF Museum Trivia Quiz Sign
Great Moments In Cardinals' World Series History Collage
Busch Stadium Championships Artwork
Artwork Of A St. Louis Pitcher In 1942
Stan Musial Collage
Nolan Ryan Signed Arlington Stadium Seat
Atlanta Fulton County Stadium Seat
Crosley Field Figural Stadium Seat
1923 Yankee Stadium Seat in Original Unrestored Condition
1923 Original Yankee Stadium Seat
Nolan Ryan Signed Arlington Stadium Seat
Atlanta Fulton County Stadium Seat
Crosley Field Figural Stadium Seat
1923 Yankee Stadium Seat in Original Unrestored Condition
1923 Original Yankee Stadium Seat
Shibe Park / Connie Mack Stadium Turnstile
War Memorial Stadium Seat
Ebbets Field Stadium Seat in Original Paint
Yankee Stadium Seat
Fenway Park Double Stadium Seat in Original Unrestored Condition
Boston Garden Triple Figural Stadium Seat
Forbes Field Double Seats
1932 Cleveland Stadium Seat & Ticket Takers Box
Crosley Field Triple Seats
Cleveland Municipal Stadium Non-Figural Seat
Cleveland Municipal Stadium Seats (3)
Original 1920's Boston Garden Board
Yankee Stadium Seat #4
Cincinnati Reds Cinergy Field Row of Four Stadium Seats
Yankee Stadium Seat with Mickey Mantle’s #7
Polo Grounds Seat With Figural Side
Wrigley Field Triple Seats
Yankee Stadium Right Field Wall Section
Three New Fenway Park Seats
Players Club Table and Two Chairs From the 406 Club
Huge Fenway Park Stadium Artifact Lot
Yankee Stadium Curved Back Seats (2)
Boston Braves Field Double Stadium Seats
Yankee Stadium Seat From Original 1923 Opening
John McGraw And Mel Ott Large Hand-Tinted Photos From The Polo Grounds
Turn Of The Century Peanut Vendor’s Whistling Machine
Griffith Stadium Home Locker Room Folding Chair
Baker Bowl Original Etched Glass Window
1967 Boston Red Sox Large Photograph Hung In Fenway Park
1946 Boston Red Sox Large Photograph Hung in Fenway Park
Baby Ruth Stadium Vendors Uniform Top & Concession Box
Original Shibe Park Turnstile with Provenance
Cleveland Municipal Stadium Field Rake
Two Baltimore Memorial Stadium Signs
Original Yankee Stadium Seat in Amazing Original Condition
New York Yankees Flat Back Stadium Seat
Polo Grounds Ticket Box
Baltimore Orioles Memorial Stadium Street Sign
1954 World Series Game-Used Ball - 50/50 Chance from "The Catch" Game
Two Arlington Stadium Seats Signed by Nolan Ryan
Fenway Park Double Stadium Seats
Fenway Park Double Stadium Seats
Cincinnati Reds Flag Flown at Wrigley Field Circa Late 1960's
Figural Polo Grounds Stadium Seat Side
Forbes Field Seat Collection (5)
2008 All-Star Game National League On-Deck Circle From Yankee Stadium
Large Group of League Park Original Drawings and Plans (70)
1993 Cleveland Indians Signed, Game-Used Home Plate
Griffith Stadium Auxiliary Seats
Comiskey Park Seat Number 2 Presented to the Nellie Fox Family
Vintage Counter Top Ko-Pak-Ta Toasted Peanuts Vendor
Braves Field Stadium Seat - The Rarest of All
1930's Crosley Field Complete Set of Bases
1950's Coca-Cola Stadium Vendor
Lou Gehrig Sign That Hung In Yankee Stadium (Steiner)
Willie Mays #24 Polo Grounds Figural "NY" Stadium Seat
1940s N.Y. Yankees WWII Vendors Cap
Original Condition Yankee Stadium Seat
Polo Grounds "NY" Figural Stadium Seat with Willie Mays' #24
1923 Yankee Stadium Seat with Mickey Mantle Original "7"
Commemorative 1918 Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field Flag
Fenway Park Turnstile
1903 New York Highlanders Hilltop Park Stadium Seats
Wrigley Field 1945 World Series Bunting
1960s New York Yankees Vendor's Shirt, Mint In Original Packaging
New York Yankees Flag That Flew Atop New Yankee Stadium (NY Yankees COA)
1970s Baltimore Memorial Stadium Coca-Cola Sign
West Ham United Rowdy Soccer Hooligan "Alcohol" Stadium Sign
1950s Chief Wahoo Original Diecut Wood Cleveland Stadium Sign - Politically Incorrect
Comiskey Park Subway Stop Hand-painted Wood Baseball Sign
1930s "Tickets" Porcelain Flange Sign
1930s "Locker Room" Lead Sign
1960s Minnesota Vikings Football Helmet Chair from Locker Room
Giant Budweiser Beer Promotional Baseball Glove Chair - Nicest One We Have Seen
Rudy Ruettiger Signed Notre Dame Locker Room Stool
Magnificent 1964-65 Shea Stadium & New York World's Fair Hand-Painted Wood Sign (72")
1964 Shea Stadium Opening Policeman's Badge
Early Green Bay Packers Usher's Badge
Forbes Field Stadium Seat
Crosley Field Stadium Seat
1920s Yankee Stadium Subway Roll
Original Yankee Stadium Slat Seat
Yankee Stadium Double Seats
New York Yankee Ticket Sale Sign
Vintage Baseball Stadium Turnstile
All Original Polo Grounds “NY” Figural Stadium Seat
Chicago Bulls, Blackhawks and White Sox Seats (3)
Shibe Park Seats (2)
Boston Red Sox and Braves Trolley Car Sign
Original Yankee Stadium Slat Back Seat
1992/93 Coors Field Colorado Blueprints (75+)
Shibe Park Scoreboard Letters and Numbers (3)
Yankee Stadium Bar
Collection of Wooden Stadium Seats (5)
Collection of Plastic Stadium Seats (7)
Pittsburgh Pirates Stadium Turnstile and Cleveland Indians Ticket Box
Polo Grounds All Original Figural Seat
Wrigley Field Double Seats All Original
2 Pieces of Shea Stadium Foul Pole and 5 Pieces of Score Board Light Pods
Ticket Box from Polo Grounds
1909 Corner Stone from Shibe Park
Turn of the Century Ballpark Peanut Machine
Ebbets Field Brick
1930s Stadium Turnstile
Fenway Park Stadium Seat
Fenway Park Set of Four Green Monster "Baseball" Bar Chairs
Yankee Stadium 2008 All-Star Game Ballot Box
1930s Stadium “Hot Peanuts” Machine
"Baseball Game Today" 1910s Mission Oak Stadium Ticket Booth
Yankee Stadium #1 End Seat - All Original from 1923
1920s Braves Field Press Box Stadium Seat
1955 Kansas City Municipal Stadium Sign (Stadium COA)
1950s Washington Senators Tickets Advertising Sign
1950s Yankee Stadium Ticket Box
Circa 1910 Comiskey Park Usher's Badge
One of the Best Documented Yankee Stadium Seats
1940's Hot Dog Vendor's Basket (ex-Harry M. Stevens)
Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium Sign
1934 Fenway Park Cornerstone Original Blue Print Drawing
Ebbets Field Press Seat
San Francisco Giants "Warning" Sign Autographed by McCovey, Cepeda & Marichal (PSA & SGC)
Collection of Seats from Various Stadiums (11)
1920s New York City Subway Roll Sign
1950s "No Soft Ball Or Hard Ball" Baseball Sign
Circa 1977 Yankee Stadium Subway Sign w/Banksy-like Grafitti
Shibe Park / Connie Mack Stadium Turnstile
Jackie Robinson #42 Retired Number Flag From Busch Stadium
Maple Leaf Gardens Sign "No Alcoholics" Sign
1930s Baseball Game"Postponed" Folk Art Sign
1930's Stadium Admission Sign
Early 1900s Cast Iron Baseball Doorstop from Buffalo B.B.C
1909 Pittsburgh Pirates "Cornerstone"
1950s Fenway Park "Spectators" Sign
Comiskey Park Stadium Seat
The Last Pitching Rubber Ever Used At Old Busch Stadium
Ebbetts Field Grand Stand Double Seat
Originial Figural Tiger Baseball Stadium Seat From Detroit's Briggs Stadium
Extremely Rare Boston Braves Stadium Seat
Fenway Park Scoreboard Sign #42 Jackie Robinson's Retired Number
“REDS” Exterior Letters From Crosley Field
Yankee Stadium Seat
Set of Three Wrigley Field Stadium Seats
Crosley Field Porcelain “Reserved” Stadium Sign
Briggs Stadium Detroit Tigers Figural Seat
Yankee Stadium Straight Back Stadium Seat (Number 5)
2005 Washington Nationals Inaugural Opening Day Base
All Original Polo Grounds Figural Seat
Boston Braves Field Original Stadium Drawing from Osborn Engineering (1915)
1996 Baltimore NFL Stadium at Camden Yards Original Blueprints (75+)
Washington Redskins Stadium Original Blueprints (75+)
Huge RFK Stadium Construction Achive with Blueprints (10,000+ Pieces)
2008 New York Mets Game Used Home Plate
Rare Crosley Field Turnstile
Dizzy Dean Retired Number Flag From Old Busch Stadium
Stan Musial Retired Number Flag From Old Busch Stadium
1950s Original Yankee Stadium Lockeroom Nameplates (13)
Cleveland's League Park Ticket / Money Box
Original Yankee Stadium Straight Back Seat #7
Shea Stadium Press Box Seat
Bricks From the Original Yankee Stadium Players' Entrance Removed During The 1973 Rennovations (4)
1969 New York Mets Flag That Flew Over Shea Stadium During the World Series
Old Yankee Stadium Section Sign
1971/1972 Tiger Stadium Usher's Uniform
(Boston) Braves Field Stadium Seat
Boston Braves Field Turnstile
Arlington Stadium Seat Signed by Nolan Ryan
Original New York Giants Polo Grounds Figural Seat
1923 Letter "U" From Yankee Stadium
Pitching Rubber From 2005 Final Year at Busch Stadium
Fenway Park Turnstile
Fenway Park Green Monster Seat
Yankee Stadium Bleacher Seat Bench
Saratoga Race Track Cast Iron Grandstand Seat From Harry M. Stevens Collection
Third Base From The Final Game At Crosley Field with Airtight Provenance
1923 New York Yankees Stadium Seat
Figural Polo Grounds Seat
1909 Forbes Field Original Turnstile
Large Jackie Robinson 50th Anniversary Banner Hung At Shea Stadium
Dead Ball-Era Free-Standing Peanut Vendor
Very Rare Baker Bowl Press Box Seat
Intersecting Set of Four Original Wrigley Field Street Signs
Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium Street Sign
Baltimore Memorial Stadium Street Sign
1930s Wrigley Field Usher Cap
Vintage Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field Bunting
1940 Chicago White Sox Comiskey Park Centennial Sign
1960s Baltimore "City of Champions" Stadium Sign
Polo Grounds Seat with Double Figural Sides
Briggs Stadium Seat with Figural Side
Shibe Park Seat
Old Madison Square Garden Seats
Gus Triandos House Sign
1977 World Series Bunting from the Reggie Jackson 3-HR Game (ex-Phil Rizzuto Associate)
Resplendent 1870s Grandstand Ticket Office Sign
Fabulous Paul Hornung Hand-Colored Photograph from Lambeau Field
1955 San Francisco 49ers Kezar Stadium Handpainted Wood Ticket Sign
1942 Comiskey Park Chicago White Sox "EL/Elevated Train" Cardboard Sign
1970 World Champion Baltimore Colts Stadium Banner
Circa 1977 Yankee Stadium 161st Street Subway Sign
1950s Philadelphia Phillies Early Plastic Sign
Jackie Robinson Retired Number "42" From Old Busch Stadium
Japanese Flag From Old Busch Stadium
Dizzy Dean Retired Number "17" From Old Busch Stadium
1940's Pepsi-Cola Stadium Vendor's Carrier
1953 Milwaukee County Stadium Ticket Sign
1930s "Speedball" Embossed Tin Baseball Sign
1966 Busch Stadium Player Sign
1978 Penn State Beaver Stadium Architectural Model Dedicated to Joe Paterno
1975-76 Wrigley Field Liquor License
1920s Handpainted Ticket Sign
2007 Derek Jeter Signed, Game Used Fenway Park Base (Steiner)
Circa 1923 Yankee Stadium Usher's Badge
Intersecting Set of Four Original Wrigley Field Street Signs
1950s Coca Cola Stadium Vendor With Unopened Bottles
1910s Comiskey Park Railroad Sign
1960s "Ballmaster" Ball Holder
Milwaukee Braves County Stadium Usher's Jacket
2009 World Series Yankee Stadium Game Used On Deck Circle (MLB Hologram)
Polo Grounds Quadruple Stadium Seat
1910 Boston Arena Stadium Seat - Boston Celtics & Boston Bruins
1930s Perey Turnstile
Briggs Stadium Figural Stadium Single Seat
Briggs Stadium Figural Stadium Double Seat
1923 Yankee Stadium Rare Box Seat
Shea Stadium Padded Field Wall Panel
Powerful Buffalo Bills War Memorial Stadium Sign
1940s Naden Basketball Scoreboard
1919 World Series Game Used Baseball
High Grade 1889-90 New York Base Ball Club Testimonal Dinner Program/Yearbook
1912 Fenway Park Grandstand Admission Sign
Art Deco 1930s "Sporting Goods" Lighted Store Sign
Circa 1975 Riverfront Stadium Flag
Incredible 1937-1986 Washington Redskins 50th Anniversary RFK Stadium Sign
1970s Cincinnati Reds Usher's Vest
1950s Cleveland Stadium Hot Dog Steamer
1913 Fenway Park Seat Stencils
1937 World Series Program Original Cover Painting (from the Harry M. Stevens Polo Grounds Offices)
1912 Navin Field Dedication Figural Cast Iron Seat Stanchion
1970s "Monday Night Football" Banner Used Behind Howard Cosell et al - Important Piece of Broadcasting History
Wrigley Field Triple Stadium Seat
Wrigley Field Double Stadium Seat
Boston Patriots Fenway Park Scoreboard
Yankee Stadium Straight-Back Seat
Boston Braves Field Seat with Figural Side
Boston Braves Trolley Car Sign
Polo Ground Seat With Figural Side
Cleveland Stadium Triple Seats
Row of Five Shibe Park/ Connie Mack Stadium Seats
Yankee Stadium Double Seats
Cleveland Municipal Stadium Seat
Shibe Park Connie Mack Stadium Seat
The First Cleveland Stadium Panorama (1931)
Camden Yards Stadium Seat
Milwaukee County Stadium Seat
Cleveland Municipal Stadium Seat
Crosley Field Figural Seat
Briggs Stadium Figural Seat
Polo Grounds Figural Seat
Wrigley Field Stadium Seat in Original Green Paint
Yankee Stadium Seat
Forbes Field Seat
Shibe Park Seat
Fenway Park Seat
Comiskey Park Seat
Sportsmans Park Seat with Cushion
Turn of the Century Peanut Warmer
Pete Rose Way Cross Walk Sign
1970 Rosin Bag From The Last Game At Crosley Field
Monument Park Yankee Stadium Section Sign
Los Angeles Angels Usher's Cap
1980s Chicago Cubs Flag Flown At Wrigley Field
Circa 1964 Anaheim "Big A" Cardboard Stadium Sign
1940s Porcelain Flange Men's Room Sign
1950s Buffalo Memorial Auditorium Metal Direction Sign
1957 Welcome Series Fans Milwaukee Braves Banner
1910s Roosevelt Stadium Seat Figural Side
Budweiser Promotional Baseball Chair with Ottoman